International Home + Housewares Show 2012 – Day One! My Favorite Things… #IHHS12

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The International Home + Housewares Show 2012 has more than 2,000 exhibitors!  30% come from outside the United States.  There are approximately 60,000 attendees that come from over 100 countries!

Come along with me and see some of the new, fun things for your home!

"Press Dome" creates a vacuum seal top over your plates.


Press Dome - A Better Way to Prep, Store and Serve Food


Sometimes people invent something new, sometimes they combine two things to make something new. That's what the makers of the BettaClock did. Aquavista makes aquarium clocks! This would be a huge hit at my daughter's school.

I was most struck by the beautiful design, that can transform an everyday object like a watering can into a piece of art!

Eva Solo was one of my favorites from the show today. I love Danish design and Eva Solo epitomizes simple, distinct lines combined with function.

And an Indiana company, that I love…

Fresh Wave is a natural, non-toxic substance that eliminates odors.

There were many cooking demonstrations at the Home and Housewares Show.  At this one, Sarah J. Grueneberg, a contestant in the Bravo TV Top Chef competition,Season 9 and Executive Chef at Cafe Spiaggia, was making Potato Gnocchi with Pancetta Tuscan Kale Sauce.  MMMM, delicious!  She called the gnocchi, “little pillows of love” and they were sooooo good.

Sarah Grueneberg, Executive Chef at Cafe Spiaggia and from Season 9 of Bravo TV, Top Chef

What’s perfect after a delicious plate of gnocchi?  Well, a perfect latte, of course.  Krups new coffee maker made me an amazing latte.  You place a cup with an inch or two of milk on the machine and an element comes down, heats and froths the milk, goes back up where it is self cleaning!  Then the machine dispenses your desired strength and flavor of coffee.  At a price point of $2,500, I will only be admiring it from afar!

The Le Creuset booth was like a mini-visit to France…

The Wilton booth was full of inspiring ideas, as you can imagine.  This gorgeous cupcake display was a show-stopper!  Wouldn’t this be lovely for Easter?

My hands-down favorite dinnerware is Fiesta.  I haven’t had it for too long, but love, love, love it and wish I’d tried it years ago!  It’s fun, it’s pretty, and not only adds color to my kitchen it adds life to our meals!  I have at least eight different colors and Rosie loves to set the table and then tell everyone where they are sitting by the color of their plates (she always uses the red plate for herself).  The more you mix and match the more fun it is.  Drumroll, please….  The new color of Fiestaware, coming out in June is called Flamingo!

Have you ever heard of Kids Line?  I don’t know how I’ve missed this fantastic company.  Founded in 1987, Kids Line has a unique understanding of new parents’ needs.  They have a wide range of products all centered around creating a haven for your child.

Isn't this adorable? Rosie would flip for this. Okay, me, I love it!

Then… just when I was getting tired and losing energy… I found Verilux’s “Happy Light”!  The staff there was delightful and told me all about the benefits of light therapy and features of their products.    Just standing there for fifteen minutes or so, I could appreciate the light.  More to come about Verilux!

SodaStream had a special guest, Jillian Michaels.  She is standing in front of ‘The Cave’ of 10,000 bottles and cans to represent the packaging waste of an average American family generated over a 5 year period – and bring awareness to America’s growing waste problems.

Jillian Michaels and SodaStream highlight their products that help us make "green" and healthy choices.

And you can't talk about "home" without talking about Dyson! The new Dyson DC39 canister has the amazing suction of a Dyson without the weight of the upright.

This Clean Cut Dispenser is touchless, saves on paper towels because it dispenses exactly the size you need, and looks great in your kitchen!

And that was only one day at the show!  More to come tomorrow!


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