International Home + Housewares Show 2012 – Day Two! What’s New At The Brands You Already Love? Calphalon, Kitchen Aid, Cuisinart, Keurig #IHHS12

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New Coffee Makers from Calphalon - 25% Faster!

We all know Calphalon for their amazing, high-quality cookware, but they are expanding in a big way into Kitchen Electrics.  This company that publicly values their employees and consumers, is putting the Calphalon style and performance excellence into Waffle Makers, Panini Grills, Slow Cookers, Coffee Makers and more.  This quick-brew beauty makes your morning cup of coffee 25% faster than traditional coffee-makers.  Can you imagine if your whole morning routine was 25% faster?  It takes us an hour to get ready in the morning, that would be cut down to 45 minutes… we might actually get to school on time!  Sorry, I was dreaming there…  There’s a 12-cup version with a glass carafe and a 10-cup version with a thermal carafe.  The Calphalon Coffee Makers also feature removal water tanks to fill at the sink.  If you keep your coffee maker is under a cabinet, this is very convenient!  No more trying to squeeze in to fill the tank and spilling everywhere….  oops, sorry, I was dreaming again…

Something cool I learned!  The new Unison line of Calphalon cookware has two textures of non-stick coatings.  The smaller pans have a surface called “Slide” non-stick that is perfect for cooking foods like omelettes.  The larger pans have a “Sear” non-stick that let’s you brown and sear your meat.  Professional chefs often have two sets to achieve that balance but now we can achieve professional results at home with one set of cookware.  And it’s dishwasher safe!  Are you in love yet?  Okay, one more thing.  Did you know Calphalon cookware is available in a luxurious bronze color!  I took a peek at their website and there is special pricing right now.  It’s a great time to pick up some extra pieces, the 8-inch omelette pan is only $29.99!

KitchenAid was doing a demo of their food processor when I found their booth at the International Home + Housewares Show.  A lovely woman was making a seven layer salad (my “dish” for family gatherings) and immediately noticed how beautiful and easy it was to make!  She used a glass bowl – which I also do, but her layers were more distinct and colorful than mine usually are.  The KitchenAid food processor was also much faster – because…. three wonderful words… “External Adjustable Blade“!  With just a movement of a lever, you can adjust the blade from 1/16″ cuts to 1/4”.  What a beauty!  KitchenAid first introduced their line of food processors last year and this year they are adding a die cast model to lineup.

Are you a KitchenAid color fan?  I have news!!  KitchenAid is introducing two new colors to their stand mixer color options, Crystal Blue and Frosted Pearl.  The Crystal Blue reminded me of the color of the ocean on a sunny day – clear, bright, beautiful blue.  It’s part of the Catalina Collection.  The new colors will be available in April, 2012.

The KitchenAid Catalina Collection features the new color option, Crystal Blue (available in April, 2012).

The KitchenAid Stand Mixer is one of the products that appears most frequently on Bridal Registries and another color for this year, fits that theme perfectly.  The Frosted Pearl is perfect for wedding gift-giving with it’s white-but-not-white finish.  The pearl-like lustre has a subtle glow and would look beautiful with any kitchen color scheme.

The new KitchenAid color option, Frosted Pearl. Perfect for wedding gift-giving!

Coming soon from KitchenAid?  A personal one-cup coffee maker with a generous 20-oz. cup!  The one pictured below is just a prototype, but expect to see it in stores soon.

Cuisinart was demonstrating their new Oven Central.  What a cool unit!  It cooks, sautes, bakes, steams, and poaches.  All in a great size – big enough to make generous portions but not as big (or slow) as heating up your whole oven.  You can use the bottom to brown meat or as a griddle.  There is a muffin insert or you can bake a cake.  Even a small chicken!  Scalloped or au gratin potatoes…  There is a rack for steaming vegetables or poaching fish.  Even skewers for shisk kabob!  The accessories are dishwasher safe and the unit is non-stick – just wipe clean.  Sweet!

Keurig is revealing their new coffee maker, the Vue!!  It is available online right now, and will be in stores soon.  It has the same great style as all the Keurig products do, but as Tim Allen used to say, this unit has “MORE POWER!”  The Vue makes a bigger, hotter, stronger cup of coffee.  With a cool touchscreen, this hot little machine made me a delicious vanilla latte.  Yum.    Yep, you heard me right…  a latte!  It was a 2 step process.  The Vue uses “packs” instead of K-Cups.  For the latte, you put in one pack that makes a hot, frothy milk.  Then take out that pack and put in a second that adds the perfect amount of perfect latte brew coffee.  It was… well, perfect!  The Vue also makes great iced coffee, with special packs just for making drinks over ice.  Green tip:  The packs are recyclable.  The coffee is in sort of a sack and you can remove that from the pack and recycle the casing.  Cool!

New VUE from Keurig!

Touch screen on the Keurig VUE

Stay tuned for more from the International Home + Housewares Show!

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