International Home + Housewares Show – Favorites from Day Two! #IHHS12

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One of the highlights for me at the International Home + Housewares Show today, was visiting a company’s booth called Haan.  The Haan Corporation makes amazing steam cleaning products.  I can’t wait to tell you all about the company (founded by a mom!) and the exciting products they make to clean and sanitize your home.  Without chemicals.  Steam cleaning has been huge in Europe for years and is starting to heat up in the US as well.  With allergies, asthma, and just generally wanting to expose our kids to less artificial and chemical ingredients, steam is the way to go.  I’m very excited about this way to clean and will be writing some posts about it soon!  Watch for them!

There's no reason cleaning has to be ugly! Haan combines a sleek design with sophisticated engineering.

Another up and coming company, on the “hot” list is Schmidt Brothers Cutlery.  A new company, they are focused on bringing artisan-inspired quality and thoughtful design to mass-market knives.

Jared Schmidt of Schmidt Brothers Cutlery showing me their beautiful collection of titanium knives. Watch for a coming post about this great company - enough fun info and products for an entire post. Â Wait until you see their knife holders!

Where did you put your makeup on this morning?  If you’re like me, on the days when you have lots of time, you can sit at a vanity and use a lighted makeup mirror.  Which was probably years ago, before you had kids, right?  More often than not, I’m doing it in my hallway mirror or car.  “Lady, you look like you put your makeup on at a stoplight” is something I imagine might be said pretty often behind my back!  Well, for busy moms like me, Zadro makes a portable battery operated mirror.  Think kitchen table while your kids are eating breakfast…

Battery powered, lighted cosmetic mirrors from Zadro - perfect for the busy mom to use in the kitchen, family room... Wherever you happen to be in the morning! No more being stuck in the bathroom.

Speaking of time, this elegant but durable bathroom digital clock has suction cup mounting to hold on any surface – even wall tile or mirrors.  Keeps you “on time” in the morning!  And it’s always accurate because it sets itself automatically from the radio signal at the National Time observatory in Colorado.  It’s made by Sonnet Industries – located right here in Chicago.

This suction cup mounting clock has an elegant style that would look great in any bathroom. (from Sonnet Industries, Chicago)

This Mother and Baby Scale lets you weigh yourself and your baby conveniently and easily!  The lovely gentleman from the manufacturer, Taylor Precision Products, told me that it also works quite well for pets.  Have you ever tried to weigh a cat?  It’s not easy!

Mother and Baby Scale from Taylor Precision Products (also great for weighing pets and luggage)

This 4 Event Timer also from Taylor, would come in handy if you have more than one child and are timing homework, piano practice, screen time, etc.  Designed for food (that would be handy too), but I immediately saw the “mom application”.  Taylor products are available at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and other retailers.

Chef Curtis Stone has a line of products including pop out bakeware.  This is so cool!  I love the convenience of silicone combined with the structure of metal.  I was able to meet Chef and it was a real treat.  More to come in a full post about these products!  His company is called Curtis Stone Kitchen Solutions because it is designed to empower home cooks, helping us save time and have fun by creating meals that are as exciting as those made by professionals.

Stay tuned, much more to come from the International Home + Housewares Show!

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