Interview with HGTV’s Lisa LaPorta about “Techorating” – Balancing Technology and Decor in Your Home

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On Tuesday, June 7th, I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa LaPorta – HGTV and Rachel Ray designer, and “techorating” expert.

Did you know that half of everyone in the United Stated who moves homes does so between Memorial Day and Labor Day?  I’m not moving, but I am in the process of redecorating the main level of our house.  It started with new ceramic tile and grew from there!

I was excited to ask Lisa about the concept of “techorating”.  Technology plays such a huge role in the activities of our family and I was interested to hear Lisa’s advice on how to make technology decorator-friendly.

It’s difficult to hear my questions in this clip – but listen to Lisa’s answers when I asked her:

Q 1:  What do you mean by “techorating”?  Would you explain the concept?

Q2:  If you could only upgrade one technology item in your home, what would have the most impact?

Q3:  How can you decorate around that big flat screen tv so that it is not the focal point in the room?

I had several goals when re-decorating my living room.  First, I wanted it to be inviting and comfortable for guests.  The living room is the first room you see when you come in our front door and it’s always been the room that I like to have neat and inviting for guests.  Secondly, I wanted it to be conducive to reading and listening to music.  Our family room is overtaken by the television.  It is the focal point and center of the room – unfortunately, it’s usually the main activity in that room.  We watch way too much television!  I wanted the living room to be television-free and a place for books and music.   At the same time, though, I didn’t want it to be cluttered.  Simplicity.  I’m trying to simplify and de-clutter.  I truly feel more at peace in an uncluttered environment.  It’s easier to think – not to mention, easier to clean!

My “techorating” plan for the living room included updating our music system.  This is the “before” picture.

"Before" my techorating upgrade

Are you ready for the “after”?  With the goal of simplifying, decluttering, and encouraging listening to music….. drumroll, please!

"After" my techorating upgrade *happy smile*

I love, love, love this Bose music system.  It took me awhile to figure out which music system would be best for me.  The first time I heard a Bose music system was at least 15 years ago.  I went to visit a friend and she had it in her living room.  She and her husband just loved listening to classical music on their Wave and couldn’t wait to show me how amazing it sounded.  I’ve always had the impression of Bose as the “top-of-the-line” brand, and therefore out of my budget.  And it probably still is, but I decided to splurge.

One of the features I was looking for, is the ability to play my digital library of music.  With an iPod and an iPhone, I rarely play CD’s anymore, except in the car.  I did want the option of playing a CD, but knew that it would be something I would rarely use.  I went back and forth on whether to get an iPod/iPhone dock or something that would allow me to play music from my computer.  Finally, I decided to go with playing from the computer.  My iPod is usually docked in the iHome clock radio in Rosie’s bedroom.  We play music every night when she goes to sleep.  My iPhone is usually being recharged, or is in the car, or my purse.  I didn’t want to leave it in the living room.  I also liked the option of listening to internet radio from my computer, an option that isn’t available from a dock. This is the system I ended up purchasing and so far, I’ve been thrilled with it, Wave® music system – SoundLink®.

One feature I didn’t realize I would like so much is the remote!  I leave the radio tuned to an FM station that I love, and it is so convenient to walk into the room, pick up the remote from the coffee table and click on the radio.  Silly that it’s only a few more steps to go to the Wave and turn it on, but something about a remote, feels better.

Loving my new “techorating” – great technology and a sleek, addition to the decor of the room!

Disclosure:  All opinions included in this post are my own, unless otherwise stated.  In accordance with FTC guidelines, I am disclosing a material connection to HGTV, who is sending me a gift for participating in the interview.  I would love if it was Lisa to help me decorate, but probably not ;).  I have not received any compensation or product from Bose.



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    Wow great makeover I have always wanted a bose music system it really is impressive.
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