Introducing Build A Beautiful Blog Week Sponsor: Cutesie Blog Designs

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Are you starting feel the Spring excitement?

Is it time to update your blog design?

Feeling drab and want to go to fab?

Build A Beautiful Blog Week is for you!


There will be over 25 giveaways from some of the most exciting designers in the blogosphere.  One of them, and a sponsor of Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011 is Cutesie Blog Designs.

It’s very easy to find an example of the design work done by Leah of Cutesie Blog Designs.  She designed our Build A Beautiful Blog Week button!  Stacie and Kelly have worked with Leah for a long time and we love the buttons she designs for our special events.  Kelly says, “I tend to work on tasks just before the deadline, and I can always count on Leah to save help me and produce fantastic designs on a tight schedule.”

Cutesie Blog Designs

We hope you’ll help us thank Cutesie Blogs for sponsoring Build A Beautiful Blog Week.  Visit the site and see some of the designs in the extensive portfolio – you might get some great ideas for your own blog!

Question:  Leah, can you tell us how long it takes to complete design?

Answer:  Every blog is different and it always depends on the complexity of the design.  Generally speaking it takes from 2 to 5 days from when I start a design until it’s finished.  I email you during the entire process to get your feedback and adjust the design, as needed.  Of course, if you are available, the process goes much faster than if I can’t reach you with questions.

Question:  How do you install a design on Blogger?  Does the client have to give you their password?

Answer:  I usually ask the client to change their password temporarily and give me that temporary password.  It will always be suggested that you backup your blog before the switch to the new design, but by giving me access to all your widgets, etc. I can ensure that you will have all your posts, and information transferred intact.

Question:  I’m happy with the overall look of my blog but I want to add some new features and refine some of the elements.  Can you do that without doing a complete makeover?

Answer:  Absolutely!  I can help you add “umph” to your blog without doing a complete makeover.

Come back on Monday, May 23rd to enter the giveaway from Cutesie Blog Design.  You might be the lucky winner of a Very Cutesie Package, including a background; header; post font; sidebar title images; post divider; and post signature.

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