Introducing Build A Beautiful Blog Week Sponsor: iDesign

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iDesign offers these services:

  • Social Media Management
  • Blog Maintenance
  • Print Design
  • Custom Blog and Site Design

Blogging is much more than just writing posts.  Jessica at iDesign can help you give added value to your social media presence.  We’ve read over and over that companies consider your blog design when they evaluate whether they are going to work with on product reviews, ad placement or sponsorship.  The design of your blog is a signal as to your professionalism and reliability.

Are you considering a transfer from Blogger to WordPress? Have you been convinced about the benefits, but you’re worried about how to do it? Jessica at iDesign specializes in Blogger to WordPress transfers.

Jessica, the owner of iDesign, is a graphic designer who specializes in transferring bloggers from the Blogger platform to the WordPress platform. she also creates custom blog designs using Studiopress theme framework for bloggers and businesses. Her favorite part about her job is creating one of a kind sites. She loves the reactions of her customers!

Q: Jessica, do you have any advice for someone considering the move from Blogger to WordPress?

Jessica of iDesign: Making the decision to move from Blogger to WordPress can be a scary decision. It can be done on your own but there are many steps to take to insure everything transfers smoothly. If you are not completely sure of what you are doing, let someone who knows what they are doing, take care of it for you.

It struck me immediately how different all of the designs are in iDesign’s portfolio. Jessica is communicating the personality of her client, not simply her own. Here are some of her creations:


Please visit iDesign and see what there is available!

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