Jif To Go Celebrates Life On-The-Go With the #GetGoing Photo Contest! Win $1,000 For Your Next Adventure! #Sponsored #MC

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#GetGoing Jif to Go Disclosure

#GetGoing Jif to Go

Life is an adventure!  Whether you are heading off to kayak in the open seas or you are hunting fireflies in the backyard, life is full of new challenges and fun experiences to share with family and friends.  Now through October 1, 2014, Jif To Go is celebrating life on-the-go by asking fans to share a picture of how they get going in the #GetGoing photo promotion.  You can win $1,000 to use for your next adventure!

There are five places/ways to enter the #GetGoing photo promotion:  the Jif website, the Jif Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and Iconosquare.  For the official rules, follow this link buff.ly/WT8bQR.

Jif to Go #GetGoing Washington

Where would you go if you won $1,000?  I’m dreaming of taking my daughter back to Washington DC.  We were there two years ago and had so much fun!  Did you know all the museums are free there?  There is so much to do and see, I’d love to go back.  It was a perfect combination of educational and fun.

Or maybe we go to Yellowstone National Park.  That would be a trip we would always remember!  Rosie is very much into horseback riding and riding in Yellowstone Park would be amazing.

Jif To Go Dippers Chocolate #GetGoing

Have you tried Jif To Go yet?  Mmmmm, it is a delicious late night snack (yes, I just finished the chocolate flavored one).  Rosie loves having either the chocolate or peanut flavor after school.  Today, she ran in the house after school and said “Can I have a Jif?  Did you take pictures yet?”  She has been a blogger’s kid long enough to know she has to wait for pictures *smile*.

Jif to Go #GetGoing Peanut

With crunchy pretzels, creamy peanut butter, these snacks are awesome!

To learn more and connect with Jif:

Jif Website
Jif Facebook Page
Jif on Twitter
Jif on Instagram

Be sure to enter the #GetGoing Photo Contest before it ends on October 1st!


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