La La’s Shhhhh, They Are Leprechauns and They Are Mischievous

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Leprechaun Trap from

Rosie is so excited today!  It’s the day that they might catch a La La at school!

Never heard of a La La?  La La’s are leprechauns!  These adorable little people love to play and create mischief.  Similar to “Elf on the Shelf”, they come when you are not around, but leave evidence of their play.  You might find shamrock confetti, or little shamrock shaped  footprints.  Your belongings may be scattered or moved around.  Sometimes they turn things green!  They may turn your milk green!  What can you do besides giggle?

Rainbow Cage Drop from

For a week now, the La La’s have been playing their tricks in Rosie’s classroom.  Yesterday, the children in the class made La La “traps”!  Rosie woke up this morning, exclaiming excitedly, “Maybe I caught a La La today!”  If you’re wondering how to make a La La trap, so was I.  Family Fun, the website with everything for kids crafts, has three options for us!  Decorations are optional, but highly recommended.

Tricky Trapdoor from

And what do you bait your trap with?  Well, Lucky Charms work well or everyone knows that leprechauns love gold, so you can bait your trap with a chocolate gold coin.  The La La won’t discover the trick until it’s too late!

Do you have any lepr..  oops!  La La’s at your house?

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