Last Minute Gift Guide: Easy Bake Microwave & Style Deluxe Delights Cake and Cookie Kit

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Is there a potential Pastry Chef in your house?

Rosie loves to cook or bake with us.  Baking with a child is an opportunity to do something with her that also allows for conversation.   I think children are more willing to talk about what’s going on, or what they are feeling when they have something else to focus on and they don’t have to look you straight in the eye. I’ve read that when children learn to read a recipe, it also helps teach them how to follow directions and improves their math skills.

Did you have an Easy Bake Oven when you were little?  I think mine “cooked” with a light bulb.  It was more imagination than cordon bleu.  Even though the Easy Bake Oven has evolved from the light bulb days and now uses a microwave, it is still more imagination than cordon bleu.

This is a fun activity for kids and they love playing with all the pieces and the gooey mix and the fondant.  And remember as you go, it’s the journey, not the destination!

This toy comes from Hasbro and the kit includes tons of accessories!   You get three cookie mixes – pink sugar cookies (of course!), chocolate chip cookie mix and chocolate cookie mix.  To make your cookies, you get a measuring spoon, and a microwave container with a lid.  There is a rolling pin and four cookie cutters. Tea is optional!

To make cakes, the kit includes a tiny cake pan with three shapes (microwave safe), and two cake mixes – chocolate and rasberry.  For decorating, you have fondant mixes – pink, light pink, and yellow.  Of course with fondant you need a fondant mold and stampers.  There is  1 detail stamper and  1 letter stamper.

No pastry kit would be complete without jimmies!  The kit includes 1 rainbow nonpareils packet.  Also, 1 vanilla frosting mix, 1 purple fondant mix, 1 pink fondant mix, 1 light pink fondant mix, 1 yellow fondant mix and instructions.

Rosie loves quantity!  Are your children like that?  She just squeals when she sees a ton of accessories with anything.  We chose a special plastic container with a pink lid, of course to keep it all in.  *hint* Possible future packaging idea for the makers? *hint*

Although Hasbro says age 8 and up for this toy, as long as there is an adult helping and you don’t expect the cakes to come out as fancy as on the box, this is a ton of fun for younger children.  Rosie is only 5 and loved it.  I think our little fondant cake turned out pretty cute… considering I’d never done fondant before and Rosie’s only five *wink*.

Retail price is $29.99 and I think this would make an excellent Christmas gift for a little Pasty Chef on your Christmas list!  Put on your apron and make some memories!

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Disclosure:  I was given an Easy Bake Microwave & Style Deluxe Delights Set for review.

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