Last Minute Gift Guide: Furry Frenzies Scoot and Scurry City Playset

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We just love the hamster-like toys in our house!  Rosie names them, makes up stories about them, and even puts them into time-out when they misbehave.  I love them because they are not real and don’t poop, hehehe.  Okay, I said it.  But you know you were thinking it!



15 Minutes Later:

“Adult Assembly Required” – are you shaking in your boots?  Well, they are serious about this!  It should even say, “Adult Assembly Required with No Children Present to Carry Away Pieces”.  The good news is that the Scoot and Surry City is very easy to put together. I am not a good put-together-er and usually leave it to Sean, but I thought I’d tackle this one and I had no problems at all.  It took me about 15 minutes, there are 50 pieces, but they go together easily and the instructions are great.  In the beginning, it took me a little time to find the right bags (*hint* to makers, label the bags, please) but once I got going, it went very smoothly.  Oh, I should say though – 15 minutes without stickers.  I’m going to leave the stickers for a fun rainy day activity for Rosie and I to do together.  And you don’t need any tools for assembly, the only one you need is a Phillips screwdriver for the battery compartment.

The Scoot and Scurry City Playset is one of my favorite toys this season!  It is so adorable! The multi-level, ramp thing makes it fun (seeing the little Furry bunny go down the ramp is sure to bring giggles!). There are different areas for the Furry Frenzies to play in but the whole set up is not overwhelming.  It’s big, but compact at the same time, they fit alot in to the space.  Rosie especially liked the Beauty Shop where you can “dress up” the little creatures.  A hat, sunglasses, and more little goodies are included!

The Furry Frenzy that is included in the set is a little bunny named Tizzy Tumbles. She’s so cute!  The playset does also work with Zhu Zhu Pets.

Don’t forget to enter the Last Minute Gift Guide Giveaway to win a $25 Gift Code!  The secret word is HAT!

Disclosure:  I was given a Furry Frenzies Scoot and Scurry City Playset for review.

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