Last Minute Gift Guide: Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory

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Think Willie Wonka or I Love Lucy….  This is so fun!

There is a conveyor belt in this toy that let’s you pretend you have your own toy or candy factory!  It’s a blast!

Rosie loves Play Doh and it’s our go-to rainy day activity. She has enough imagination to create amazing things from a lump of Play Doh.  It’s just a messy enough to be extra fun for her and not too messy to keep me from tearing my hair out.  She already has the Play-Doh Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shop and the Play-Doh Cake Making Station.  We love both of them.  We can’t ever make creations as amazing as the ones on the boxes, but we always have fun.  The Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory was the perfect addition!

What surprised me?  The Fun Factory is bigger than I expected from the pictures, it really is a good size.  It comes pretty much fully assembled and fits back in the box after you use it.  That’s kind of nice!  Containers of Play-Doh can be stored in the factory (see those circles?) but they are the small ones.  Still cool that it all fits together so nicely!

The Fun Factory comes with two stamping gears and more than fifteen molds, a fun playmat (never big enough, but we’re messy!) and six cans of Play-Doh. It does require batteries (size “C”) and is recommended for children older than three.  You can buy it at, Target, and Walmart – to name a few!

We give the Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory a big thumbs up.  If you’re trying to decide between the three sets, we like this one the best, but the trio would make an Extreme Fun gift!

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Disclosure:  We were given a Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory for review.

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