Looking For A Doctor? Healthgrades, The Leading Online Resource Has A Free iOS App!

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Disclosure for Healthgrades

I was recently looking for a pediatrician for my daughter. Our current doctor is about an hour’s drive from us (because of insurance limitations), but now we have a different insurance company and can find someone closer. I also wanted to switch her to a female doctor, I think it will be easier as she is growing up to see a female. As someone who spends the majority of her day “plugged in” and online, that’s where I started when trying to find a pediatrician.  I did some online research including asking in a local Facebook parent’s group and got some names.  Then I found Healthgrades, the leading online resource for information on physicians and hospitals. I  liked being able to find out basic information about the doctors, including where they went to school, whether they were Board Certified, how old they were, consumer reviews from patients, even pictures!


Healthgrades also has an iOS app designed to help me make more informed decisions about my family’s health by allowing me to store key information about our healthcare providers, manage appointments and reminders and even enable us to find doctors based on insurance coverage.   It also includes access to those consumer reviews that I mentioned above.

healthgrades app

Are you looking for a doctor or a better way to manage health-related information?

 Download and try the free Healthgrades app to use for your family.

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Healthgrades. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating

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