Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System Review and Giveaway #Lysol

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I’m a huge fan of the Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap Dispensers and have one at every one of the five sinks in our house!  After I bought the first one and tried it, I went out and bought four more.  Seriously, a huge fan!  Just think about it…  after people use the bathroom in your house then they touch the soap dispenser to wash their hands.  Ew.  It has to be one of they yuckiest spots in your house, right?  Not if you have a touchless soap dispenser!  And I loved it so much in the bathroom, I also put one by our kitchen sink, because I often wash my hands there too.  But it had hand soap and I only used it to wash my hands.

When I heard about the Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System that has a three-purpose soap, it was the perfect solution for by the kitchen sink.

Lysol created a revolutionary automatic, hands-free dispenser with a multi purpose formula that:

  • Powers through grease on dishes
  • Cleans tough messes on surfaces
  • Kills bacteria on hands as it gently cleanses them

All these great benefits in a no-touch design!

Now I could have touchless convenience not only for washing my hands, but also for washing dishes and cleaning kitchen surfaces.  Once you try no-touch dispensers, you don’t want to go back.  It’s almost like the remote on your television.  Who would ever wanting go back to changing channels on the tv?

I wondered about how a dish soap would work on my dry skin or how a hand soap would work to clean dishes and was a bit skeptical about the ability of a three-purpose soap to do a good job.  But I’ve been using it now for two weeks and love it!  I’m kind of picky about my dish soap, I want one that has suds that last until the end of the job.  Lysol did it!  This soap has me happy on all three kinds of jobs and it doesn’t dry out my skin.

By the way, if you think your kids might go crazy with a no-touch dispenser, Rosie actually uses less soap than she did with a pump!  The first few times she had to try a few extra, but the novelty quickly wore off and she just takes one pre-measured dispense now.

Play the Kitchen System Undercover Challenge for a chance to win a Grand Prize Kitchen Upgrade!   I followed the Mom and got a 6/8.  It’s fun and there are great prizes.

For a chance to win a No Touch Kitchen System with a year supply of soap complete these two steps:

  • Share the Undercover Challenge with your friends below
  • Tell us that you did AND tell us your kitchen cleaning challenge below

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Lysol. The opinions and text are all mine. Official Sweepstakes Rules


  1. 1

    I played the undercover challenge a few days back and ran out of time; only got 5 of the locations.
    The kitchen is my challenge – Just as a Iran out of time, there is always someone in there making sometimes visible and usually invisible messes. Love the new dispenser

  2. 2

    My kitchen cleaning challenge is when I make chicken, I hate turning on the water and getting soap with chicken-hands!

  3. 3
    debra hall says:

    i use it on the kitchen counters

  4. 4

    Kitchen challenge is following after hubby who uses every counter/surface (ie refrigerator door) when cooking and doesn’t clean up after himself.

  5. 5
    Kristi P says:

    I tweeted.!/SecretsofKristi/status/186962193005281280

    I have a 2 yr old and as a result I feel like I am always cleaning up after her.

  6. 6
    ♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡ says:

    my kitchen challenge is my cat, he jumps on the counters and sometimes even sleeps there Thank you for hosting this giveaway Louis pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com
    I shared the challenge

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

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