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A storm’s coming and it’s my last opportunity to write about my passions –
laughter, joy, and being a mom.

My 4 year old, Rosie is, herself, a force of nature. Like a wild wind, breezing in to stir things up. Not destructive wind, or cold wind, but strong, warm summer wind. Not to be ignored, however, or you’ll find yourself chasing some article of clothing down the street – hopefully nothing in the underpants-on-her-head category!

I became her mom when Rosie was eight months old. We both knew instantly it was a love like no other. I can shamelessly brag about Rosie’s beauty and intelligence. Even more than most moms, because biologically I had nothing to do with it! Although I’m proud when a stranger says, “she has your smile”.

Children will do strange things to your life. Even if you didn’t think you were selfish before (having mumble pairs of shoes is NOT selfish, excessive maybe) a child will show you that there are things you cherish more than your own life or Weitzman strappy sandals that you got on e-bay for a steal! Sorry, I wander. With every crayon mark on your wall, every chocolate milk spot on your ceiling, – how DO they do that? – a child wraps sticky little fingers around your heart.

I can’t handle forgetful fast-food clerks but I can play hide ’n seek with Rosie, who hides in the exact same place, in full-view, fifteen times and we still act surprised when I “find” her. Where does that patience come from? Oh, and where does that patience go when she has to go potty for the fourth time during my now-very-cold-dinner? I mean, really, how do you say no to that? Think about it.

To put a label on it? Love.
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