Make Holiday Cooking Easier With The Latest Appliances from @BestBuy! #holidayprep

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The holidays are coming!

Will you be ready?


What do the holidays mean to you?

  • Family
  • Parties
  • Celebrations
  • Food
  • Fun

For most of us, we will be cooking and entertaining for our family and friends over the holiday season.  Whether it’s entertaining four guests on Thanksgiving; forty guests on Christmas; or somewhere in between, we rely on our appliances to prep holiday food.


We’re going to have my cousin visiting from Arizona and staying with us over the Thanksgiving holidays.   Squee!  I can’t wait to see her!  I’ll be inviting aunts, uncles, and cousins to join us and any friends that are available.  We definitely believe, “the more, the merrier!” when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner.

Especially for Thanksgiving, but also for Christmas, the food is the star of any party.  We go the traditional route of roasted turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberries, dinner rolls and pie for dessert!  Appliances from Best Buy enhance those holiday entertaining plans with dependable, modern stoves, refrigerators, ovens and microwaves.

Cooking Campaign Range

It’s such a busy time of year, if you’re like me you’ll be shopping, decorating, addressing cards and I need all the help I can get to make things as easy as possible.  Did you know that the new induction cooking technology lets you boil water in less than two minutes?  The same Fridgidaire range (Frigidaire FGIF3061NF) that can do that includes a convection oven which lets you shorten baking times.  One thing I would love is a double oven.  On holidays like Thanksgiving we always have dishes that need to bake at different temperatures.  The Whirlpool WGG555S0BS has double ovens but still fits within the space of a standard range!

Cooking Campaign Range 2

Holidays are a hectic time for everyone not only for buying gifts but also for cooking and entertaining in the days leading up to and including the holidays.  Make cooking easier with the latest appliance technology including induction cooking that enables you to boil water in less than two minutes like the Frigidaire FGIF3061NF plus induction reduces clean up time because spills don’t burn on.  This Frigidaire range also includes a convection oven which circulates the air in the oven for quicker baking time.  Another great innovation within cooking are double ovens that let you cook two dishes at two different temperatures at once like the Whirlpool WGG555S0BS but still fits within the space of a standard range.  All of this technology will allow you to get the food the way you want it prepared and saves you time so you can spend it with the ones you love.


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    Maria Iemma says:

    I recently started looking for a new stove since mine seems to be in it’s last legs. I appreciate the post. Best Buys has very good prizes and a big selection of appliances.

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