Make Snack Time On-The-Go Easy And Delicious With Jif to Go Dippers #Sponsored #MC

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#GetGoing Jif to Go Disclosure

Rosie joined her school’s Run Club this year (I’m a proud mama!).  Practice is across town from her school and we drive straight over from school.  It’s no problem, but it means that her after-school snack is in the car instead of at the kitchen table.  Are you like us and find yourself eating in your car?  Depending on the snack, it can be ugly.  The worst ever for us (it lives forever in my memory and the detailing bill in my checkbook) was the root beer and fries with ketchup… everywhere.  Ugh, not pretty. *shaking head* Anyway, moving on.  How do you describe a good after-school snack for your kids?

  • delicious
  • simple
  • easy
  • all-in-one
  • convenient
  • fun
  • delicious

Delicious made the list twice because from beginning to end, unless it tastes good, all the rest doesn’t matter, if Rosie won’t eat it.  One of my arsenal of snack ideas at home is peanut butter, but in the car?  Jif has has come up with a way to enjoy peanut butter on-the-go.  With the smart packaging of Jif to Go Dippers, you can enjoy pretzels dipped in peanut butter without any mess!

Jif to Go Dippers Choice

The section on the bottom contains the dip – either Creamy Peanut Butter or Chocolate Silk.  The section on the top contains salty, crunchy, thin pretzels.  Kids love dipping and that’s where the fun comes in.  Big dips, little dips, Jif to Go Dippers taste good and are fun *smile*.  What goes better with peanuts than salt?  The pretzels and Creamy Peanut Butter are a proven partnership.  For those of us who love salty and sweet, the Chocolate Silk is the perfect choice.

Jif to Go Dippers

Rosie gives Jif to Go Dippers an enthusiastic thumbs-up.  Whether she’s in the car or at-home and running outside to play, Jif to Go Dippers satisfy those after school hunger pangs and give her the energy to play hard.

Jif to Go Dippers are available at grocery stores nationwide!

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