Making Winter Vacation Plans Yet? How About San Antonio? #TexasHoliday

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San Antonio comes to Wishbone in Chicago!

San Antonio came to Chicago today!  Rosie and I went to the Wishbone restaurant for a fun party hosted by San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau.  Complete with face painting, balloon sculptures and….  penguins!!  The awesome people from Sea World San Antonio brought two penguins to the party!

Now I’m thinking it’s just not a party without penguins!  Pete and Penny flew in from Sea World San Antonio.  Seriously.  Well, okay, they took a plane.  The lovely person who takes care of them, told me that they have a carrier that straps into an airline seat!  Really!  They are seven years old (just like Rosie, almost!).  They eat fish too, just like Rosie who had fish sticks for lunch.  But hers were cooked.

I’ve never been to San Antonio, but I learned enough tonight to make me want to visit!  It sounds like an amazing place for a family vacation.  When I asked Krystal from the San Antonio Visitor’s Bureau  what her favorite thing about San Antonio was, Chuck from Sea World, cutely jumped in and said, “Sea World!”.  Well of course!  But beyond Sea World, Krystal also loves the respect San Antonio has for history.  While they move on and modernize, they keep the tradition and structures of the past.  Did you know San Antonio holds the Guiness World Record for the largest building to be moved intact?  When a large convention center was needed, instead of tearing down the building in the perfect location, they moved it!

SeaWorld San Antonio offers roller coasters, rides, shows, tours, attractions and family-friendly activities for thrill seekers and animal lovers.  They have killer whales, belugas, dolphins, sea lions, penguins and more!  The most popular ride is Great White – challenge yourself to 360-degree flips. Race along at nearly 50 mph on a floorless run of breathtaking loops, corkscrews and curves at up to 4.6 G’s.  Wheeeeee!   Shows with music, acrobatics, and marine life entertain the thousand of guests.  Exhibits like Rocky Point Preserve and Dolphin Cove, let guests get up close and personal with beautiful marine creatures.

Have you ever heard of Morgan’s Wonderland?

In 2006, philanthropist Gordon Hartman observed a poignant occurrence involving his daughter Morgan, a child with special needs, and a group of other children. All were on vacation splashing in a hotel swimming pool. Morgan appeared as if she wanted to take part in the fun, and the others exhibited similar interest in interacting with Morgan. Unfortunately, the connection never materialized.

Hartman thought then and there how wonderful it would be to create a special place for special friends. It would be an environment for inclusion and understanding. It would be an oasis for those needing a safe place to relax and enjoy the outdoors and each other. Hartman quickly learned that millions of children and adults with cognitive and physical challenges generally do not have access to facilities specifically established to assist them in enjoying the fun outdoor activities that able bodied individuals have access to and often take for granted.

Thus, Morgan’s Wonderland began with a desire to re-imagine the possibilities of what an inclusive park could be. What if everyone were free to “soar” beyond their perceived limitations? Why not.

Morgans Wonderland is the world’s first ultra-accessible family fun park.  The 25-acre park offers fun for everyone, regardless of age, ability or disability. Morgans Wonderland is the perfect place for a family to enjoy an affordable, safe, fun-filled day. The park features more than 25 elements and attractions including rides, playgrounds, gardens, an 18,000-square-foot special event-center, 575 seat-amphitheater, 8-acre fishing lake, picnic area and rest areas. All attractions are wheelchair-accessible.

San Antonio River Walk

And the weather!  San Antonio has 300 days of sunshine a year.  In January, the average temperature is 62.  Ahhh…….  we might just have to see San Antonio in person!

Disclosure of Material Connection:  San Antonio Tourism and Sea World hosted my daughter and me at a party at Wishbone Restaurant in Chicago.  


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