Mega Bloks – Great for the Little “Builder” in Your Family – Police Force Pursuit

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If you have a child under the age of 10, you are probably familiar with Mega Bloks.  They are interlocking blocks that come in various sizes.  There are some large enough for children as young as 3 or 4.  Rosie started with just building towers as high as she could and then knocking them down (to peals and peals of giggles!).  Now she has transitioned to mini and micro blocks that can make more detailed builds.  Now she makes buildings and more complicated toys but there are still giggles.

Mega Bloks adds in figures and creates kits for the mini and micro blocks that allow little ones not only to build but then pretend play with their creations.  One of those kits is perfect for the “I-want-to-be-a-police-officer” in your family.  The Mega Bloks Police Force Pursuit combines block building with vehicles and figures.  You, oops, your child that is, builds the Police Cruiser SUV, the Police Force Carrier, and the Police Boat!  Can you imagine the stories your little one will create with those three vehicles to spark their creativity?

The thing I liked best about this kit is that it appeals to both boys and girls.  Obviously it’s more of a traditional toy for boys, but because of the vehicles and the figures, it is also appealing for girls.  If you have a son and daughter, this would be a good toy for them to play with together.  Because Rosie’s school is so heavily weighted with boys (she has five girls and fourteen boys in her class!), many of her friends are boys.  I like this toy for play dates and so she has toys in common with her friends.

For more information about Mega Brands and Mega Bloks, go to their website  The MSRP of Police Force Pursuit is $19.99.



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