Memorial Day Sales: Great Time for That Big Purchase! Mattress? Washer and Dryer? Patio Set?

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Do you have fun plans for the weekend?  We’re planning to have family over on Monday and we’ve been busy trying to get our deck ready for a summer party!

That means shopping to replace some of the worn out, weathered things from last year.  The good news is that there are soem awesome sales out there!  I’ve been scouring the ads and flitting from one website to another.  The deals this Memorial Day seem very good!  Have you been putting off buying something?  Hopefully the Christmas bills are paid…. now is a good time to pick up that mattress, washer and dryer, or patio set!

Here are the Four Signs That It’s Time To Buy A New Mattress, from one of my posts last year:

How do you know when it’s time to buy a new mattress? 
A mattress doesn’t come with an expiration date, “Use by……”.  Everyone has a different opinion.  Because they wear out gradually it’s difficult to determine when it’s “not working anymore”. Is your mattress more than five years old? Generally, a mattress should be replaced anytime it’s uncomfortable, or anytime it’s over five years old, depending on usage and the original quality of the mattress.

Here are 4 signs that we noticed that said, “It’s time!”

#1  Waking up in the morning feeling achy and sore, especially on the side you were sleeping on.

Yes, as we get older, aches and pains will come.  But don’t give in and accept that you are “just getting older”.  The age of your mattress can make a huge difference in the age you feel!

#2 You stay at a hotel or friend’s house and the mattress is more comfortable than home.

It’s so sad when a hotel is nicer than your own home!  If you find yourself getting a better night’s sleep away from home, it’s time to buy a new mattress.  A few times in the last year, I’ve found myself looking for the brand information on the bedding when we stayed in a hotel – yes, time for us to get a new mattress.

#3 You aren’t getting a solid night’s sleep – you wake up frequently during the night.

If your mattress is providing uneven support, or if it sags in places that could cause you to have unnecessary pressure points.  Discomfort might be what is waking you up and not allowing you to get to, or stay in the deep stages of sleep.

#4  No matter how much you clean your bedding, you are still bothered by allergens.

As part of the series on Fighting Allergens, there will be a post on preventing a build up of annoying allergens in the bedroom.  If you are still having sleep/allergy related problems after doing a deep cleaning, you may want to try a new mattress.  When you get your new mattress, remember to use only synthetic bedding — feather or down products may trigger reactions. Its also very important  for several reasons to encase the mattress, box spring, and pillows in dust mite-proof, allergen fighting casings.

We love, love, love our Sealy mattress.  We’ve had it for almost a year now and truly feel like we are sleeping better and feeling better because of the quality built in to a Sealy!

About a week ago, our dryer gave out. *cough* *sputter* *cough* dead.  It’s old, it’s worn, it’s rusty and it’s time.  For a new dryer.  And our washer is working but even worse.  The tub, inside the little holes, is rusty!  Ew.  It’s time.  For a new washer.  I’ve been dreaming and looking and dreaming for a long time.  But now?  It’s time.  For a new washer and dryer.  This is the one that I’m drooling over, and trying to convince Sean that we should buy.  There are great sales going on right now and even a rebate offer!  Hear me *twisting Sean’s arm*?  Putting on the major sales pitch?  Using the puppy eyes?  Okay, ready, here’s the beauties I’ve been eyeing…  the Maytag Bravos XL!

Isn't it beautiful? *sigh*


They make a beautiful couple!

The other major purchase that I’ve been dreaming about this weekend is a new patio set.  Actually I only wanted new chair cushions.  But have you priced those suckers?  Yikes, I could get new chairs for what cushions cost.  Seriously, I found some really nice sling-type chairs for less than I would pay for cushions.  I’ve been stalking Sears and Kmart – they are having some huge sales.  This was my favorite – and on sale, get with a gift card, open a charge and get more of a discount, Shop Your Way points, free shipping, more discounts.  It was very complicated, but I think it ended up I could get this  7 piece set for less than $400!

I’m not sure I can work it into my budget but I’m dreaming, for sure!!  You never know….  I will be doing a post this weekend about patio/pool makeovers!  Stay tuned to see what I could do at Sear’s for $100 and $200….  It’s going to be good!


photo by: Dawn Paperin
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