Movie Night Recipe! The Avengers and Walmart Marketside Pizza! #CBias #MarvelAvengersWMT

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Looking for a recipe for the perfect family movie night?  Or date night?

I doubt there is a man alive that won’t love this one! 

(and a rare woman that won’t appreciate a super hero or two)

Movie Night Recipe

(1)  DVD Marvels AVENGERS

(1) Marketside Pizza from Walmart

(1) Family

= FUN!!

Our family had a “half and half” – half family movie night and half date night.  Rosie is still a little young for an action movie, but Sean and I love them!  We couldn’t wait for The Avengers to come out on DVD!  We had the pizza with Rosie and then after she went to sleep, Sean and I watched Avengers.  Perfect evening!

Super Hero AR App for 3D fun at Walmart

Rosie wasn’t left out of the Avengers fun even though she is too little for the movie, thanks to an exciting app from Walmart and the Avengers.  I downloaded Super Hero AR on my phone and then we headed to Walmart for a fun scavenger hunt.  What kid doesn’t love hunting for “secret symbols”, scanning them into a phone, and seeing exciting things happen?

Super Hero AR is easy to use for your own scavenger hunt at Walmart!  Just search in the App Store for Super Hero AR and download the free app or use Google Play.  You do need to sync to your computer to get the full app.  Then head to Walmart.  You activate the app either by scanning the Avengers symbol on the Marketside Pizza boxes or on the DVD.

Rosie had seen Augmented Reality (AR) before and was super excited to try it with Super Heroes!  If you haven’t tried it, you will be seriously amazed.  You use your iPhone, iPad, smart phone like a camera and hold it on a special AR symbol.  A drawing will “pop up” in 3D!  It is seriously amazing.  It’s hard to describe until you’ve seen it.  Even pictures and video don’t really capture the look of it.  I can’t imagine that anyone has seen it and not said, “Wow!!”

There are displays all over Walmart (the toy department, Halloween costume section, electronics, apparel) with special Avengers promotions.  Rosie had a blast running around trying to find each of the symbols.

  • Captain America’s Shield
  • Thors Hammer
  • The Avengers logo
  • and more
One of the activities on the AR app is, “Take Quiz:  Which Avenger Are You?” The symbols on the Walmart displays unlock fun questions to determine, “Which Super Hero are  you?”  Questions like:
Q1:  What would you put on pancakes?
a.  Whatever you’re having, I’m having too.
b.  Pancakes are for morning people.  I’m not awake until noon.
c.  Load on the syrup and stack ’em high.
d.  Pancakes aren’t my thing.  Give me crepes and fresh fruit any day.
Just a note, the sound effects and visual graphics while you do anything on the app are also very cool!  At the end of the quiz, it tells you which Super Hero you are and you fit your picture into a graph, adding your head onto the Super Hero!!  Too fun!!!

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

If you’ve never had a Marketside Pizza from Walmart, you have to try one.  It’s a great alternative to frozen pizza.  You buy the pizza in the refrigerated section, near the Deli, in Walmart.  They are fresh and ready to go in the oven.  It takes approximately 20 minutes to cook and you get a fresh, hot pizza.  There is nothing like a fresh pizza straight out of the oven!  And the price is right too – very affordable!  There are many topping options for a Walmart Marketside Pizza, check out the picture below.  I have to admit though, we picked our pizza because it has Thor on the box and that’s Rosie’s favorite Avenger, *blush*.

Super easy to cook – just take off packaging and pop into a 375 degree oven…

…twenty minutes later…

…and then, “IT’S MOVIE TIME!!!”

The Avengers is the third highest-grossing film worldwide at the box office.  On Rotten Tomatoes, it earned a 96% fresh audience rating.  (What’s wrong with that 4% anyway?  Must have had a bad day).  It’s freakin’ awesome!  The movie stars Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man (and my personal favorite!), Chris Evans as Captain America, Mark Ruffalo as Hulk, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Clark Gregg as Phil Colson, and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.  What a team!  Well, they don’t start out as a team.  In fact, some of the funniest scenes are when they are fighting each other.  But, after a unifying event (I won’t spoil it), they become a lean, mean, fightin’ machine.  And the bad guys better look out.
One of my favorite scenes is when Loki (the bad guy) says, “We have an army.” Tony Stark, Iron Man replies, “We have a Hulk.”  Right then, I knew who was going to win!
The DVD is available in many formats.  We opted for the Exclusive Blu-Ray Combo Pack Gift Set because this movie is made for blu-ray and Rosie could keep the graphic novel!  Something for everyone!  The Avengers Graphic Novel is such high quality – nothing like the comic books of the past.
There will be special Avengers Character Appearances in select Walmart stores on Saturday, September 29, 2012.  Check with your local Walmart to see if they are one of the lucky stores!

For More Information:

To see our entire shopping trip to Walmart – check out my #MarvelAvengersWMT The Avengers/Walmart Marketside Pizza Google + Photo Album!
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