Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast in 3D – Three Generations Loved It!

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My mom, my daughter, and I went to see Beauty and the Beast today.  In true Disney tradition, it was magical!  Despite the fact that I’ve seen the movie a gazillion times, it was magical to see it in the theater and in 3D.  The familiar scenes were beautiful in three dimensions and theater projection size.  The music we all love was big and rich from theater speakers.

My mom was hesitant to go and reluctantly agreed to go, just to be with us.  After the movie she said she was so glad we talked her into it!  She loved seeing this old favorite in the theater.  It was her first 3D movie in years and she was pleasantly surprised at the advances in 3D technology.

If you’re a Tangled fan, make sure you get to the theater on time!  There is a funny short feature called Tangled Ever After that shows the antics of Max and the Chameleon during the wedding of Princess Rapunzel and Prince Eugene.

Here’s some Beauty and the Beast fun!

Fill in the blanks:

A Tale as Old as _________.

What is dinner without a little ____________.


Who said, “Do I still have to sleep in the cupboard?”  (That’s Rosie’s favorite line)

What is the name of La Lumiere’s sweetheart?

Who said, “If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it!”?

For the correct answers, go to Beauty and the Beast on Facebook and watch this trailer!

Disclosure:  Images and trailer from Disney.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated by anything except joy in watching the movie :)


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    Lovely! I’m about to try and find tickets to Beauty and the Beast to watch it with my mom this weekend! Thanks for the review and the heads up on the Tangled short!

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    LOVE LOVE beauty and the beast! My three year niece was just asking me to tell her the story… After every sentance she would ask .. Why?” lol Why was he a tea cup, why was he a beast….

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