Movie Review: Brave – Make It A BRAVE Weekend!

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Rosie has been counting the days, excited to see the new movie from Disney/Pixar, Brave.  We have been seeing previews, commercials and trailers – she even knew it opened on June 22nd.  Our schedule was busy for Brave’s opening day of June 22nd, but to keep Rosie from cracking the floor jumping up and down (well, it seemed that way) we went as soon as we could on Saturday night.  Even Sean enjoyed this movie, although he kept threatening to sneak over to the Avengers, hehehe.

Brave is the story of a young Scottish girl named Merida.  I was thrilled that there was a young, female lead with curly hair!  Rosie struggles with her unique curly style and it was fun to point out that Merida had a lucky curl just like Rosie’s.  Back to the story…  Merida’s mother, Queen Elinor, is trying to mold her into the “perfect princess” but Merida wants to be unruly and free of tradition.  Sorry, one more reference to hair… Their hair is symbolic of their differences – Elinor’s straight, black hair is bound in braids, Merida’s bright red hair is free and wild, curling and moving in the wind as she explores the highlands of Scotland.

Tradition says that it’s time for Merida to marry and that her husband will be the first-born of a Scottish clan.  But Merida has other ideas!  The mother-daughter differences come boiling to the surface.  Merida and Elinor clash and the result is catastrophic.  Will mother and daughter discover what they have in common and mend their relationship in time to save their family?

The messages in this movie were dear to my heart – the love between a mother and daughter.  The differences that split them apart don’t have to be stronger than the bonds they have in common.  When a mother and daughter are brave, they can overcome any differences that may pull them apart!

The “action” in this movie was more ferocious than in most Disney movies.  We saw it in 3D and Rosie was a bit scared in a few parts.  If you have a sensitive child under 6, I’d recommend being prepared to cover their eyes and ears or walk out for a bit.  Our theater has a “Lights Up, Sound Down” show periodically, and that might be a good way for little ones to see this movie.  If not, I highly recommend the 3D!

The first character voice that I recognized was of Emma Thompson (Howard’s End, Sense and Sensibility, Love Actually, Harry Potter, Nanny McPhee) in the role of Queen Elinor.  I knew that Kevin McKidd, from Grey’s Anatomy, and Craig Ferguson voiced two of the clan leaders, but they had very short lines and I could hardly identify their voices in the film.  When you go to see it, watch for when Lord MacGuffin’s son (also voiced by Kevin McKidd) speaks – it’s a very heavy Scottish accent and colloquialisms, very funny!  Here’s a small sample Disney sent me:

“Bunch of galoots” = many fools, a galoot is a clumsy oafish person

“Dreadful collywobbles” = butterflies in your stomach or stomach ache from nervousness

“Jiggery pokery” = nonsense

“Jings crivens help ma boab” = Oh my!

“Lass” = girl

“Lad” = boy

“Michty me” = Wow! Holy cow!

“Numpty” = useless individual

And you can’t talk about Brave without mentioning Merida’s brothers, the adorable, mischievous triplets!  They are so funny and cute!

Brave is in theaters now, take your lads and lasses and enjoy a fun film!


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