Movie Review – Despicable Me

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Cute! Funny! Cute! Funny!

I liked this movie! The time flew by when I saw it this afternoon. The run time is only 1 hour and 35 minutes which I think is perfect for an animated comedy.

The story is simple and predictable but the comedy is fun and fresh. Steve Carell manages to make the villain loveable and I like the message that it gives that people aren’t always all-bad or all-good.

Whoever wrote the script obviously loves children and communicates to the audience the difference it makes when children are in your life. If you haven’t heard the storyline, the main character, Gru, is hatching a plot to be recognized as the biggest villain of all time. His crime of the century – stealing the moon. But to do that he has to first steal a shrink ray from another villain who has a weakness for cookies. The cookies are sold by three adorable children named Margo, Agnes and Edith. Those three girls end up stealing something much bigger than the moon when they steal Gru’s heart.
The animation is unusual and fun – Gru has hundreds of little creatures working for him called minions. The drawings of Gru, the minions and the three little girls is truly innovative and communicates the character’s emotions clearly. The minions will make you laugh, the girls will make you say, “awwwww” and Gru? Gru will make you think twice and appreciate any little ones in your own life.

Warning: Because the plot deals with orphans and adoption, sometimes in an irresponsible manner, I didn’t take Rosie. I think she is too young to understand that it was done with a sense of humor and true adoption is nothing like it is portrayed in the movie. If your children have any issues about adoption, make sure you talk about it before you go see the movie.

There is clearly a message in this film and even symbolism, but I liked it strictly for the comedy and overall fun!

If you have older children, 6 and above, and don’t have adoption issues, I recommend seeing it, and definitely in 3D! I almost forgot to mention the 3D. I didn’t plan to see it in 3D, I didn’t think it would matter in a movie like this, but the way the times worked out, that’s what was showing when I want to go. I’m so glad it worked out. There were more 3D effects than I expected and they really added to the film. Hint: Stay to the very end, there are some cute minion scenes during the credits. Best Buy is supposed to have an app that will translate their language but it was cute without knowing what they were saying.

If you go to see it, please leave a comment
and let me know what you think!


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    Temberton says:

    I went yesterday with my kids (15, 11, and 6). We really enjoyed it. I laughed out loud many times! I found Gru to be a humorous and, yes, lovable villain. The littlest girl was just too cute. She reminds me of Boo from Monsters Inc. (another movie that we love). We did not see it in in 3D, but I could tell that there were numerous scenes in the movie that would have been great in 3D. Even without actually seeing the 3D effects, I think this movie's 3D is MUCH better than what was in Shrek 4.

    Most of the things that I would caution about this movie are redeemed by the happy ending. However, I totally see your point about the adoption issue and wanting to protect Rosie.

  2. 2

    My family and I want to see this so much!!

  3. 3

    Thanks for the review. My 6 year old has been begging me to see this because her favorite iCarly star is in it, but I wasn't sure. I'm glad you liked it.

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    Popcorn Served Daily says:

    I'm taking my peeps tomorrow. Thanks for the "heads up."


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