Movie Review – Letters to Juliet

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I give this movie a “thumbs-up”! I loved it! That said, I also love Lassie, White Christmas, and Doris Day. Letters to Juliet is a very nice movie. Dare I say “wholesome”? It is a little like when your grandmother told you that she had a nice girl for you to meet. My grandmother would have liked Sophia (the main character, played by Amanda Seyfried) and this movie.

One of the critics said, “If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen the movie.” Well, yes, that is true, BUT, the scenery is beautiful, the acting is pleasant. Hmm, how many synonyms for nice and beautiful can I fit into one post?

The story, you ask? There is a wall, in a town, in a beautiful country. Women leave notes asking Juliet’s advice about their love problems. Nice (oops, there I go again) Italian women, the secretaries of Juliet (isn’t that well, you know, nice), gather them in a beautiful basket and then write replies. Beautiful and you-guessed-it, nice girl Sophia, finds a letter written 50 years ago by a woman who has left her Italian true love waiting and returned to her disapproving family in England. Sophia answers the woman, Claire, who is then inspired to return to Italy to find her love. Lorenzo Bartolini – isn’t that a beautiful name? I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Now, a nice girl, like Sophia would not leave her husband for the cute grandson of the English woman, so Sophia isn’t married and on her honeymoon, she is just engaged and on her honeymoon. (Don’t ask) At one point in the movie, Sophia realizes that there is something wrong if she is on her sort-of-honeymoon and she and her fiance don’t care that they are pretty much taking separate vacations. Okay, I said she was nice and beautiful, not a rocket scientist.

I laughed, I, well, I didn’t cry, but it was a little heartwarming. I loved this movie. If you are miserly, cynical, serious, unromantic, grumpy, don’t like flute music and watching butterflies, stay home.

It’s nice. It’s beautiful. Say it with me…. Lorenzo Bartolini…. Italy…. Nice…. Beautiful.

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