Movie Review: Midnight in Paris

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I just returned from a trip to Paris – well, at least that’s how it feels after watching the Sony Pictures Classics movie, Midnight in Paris.  The movie opens with the traditional tourist scenes of Paris:  Notre Dame; Eiffel Tower; bridges over the Seine; Arc de Triomphe and continues to give us a beautiful tour of a beautiful city.

Oh yes, and there is a story!  Owen Wilson plays a romantic Hollywood writer who wants to try to write literature, instead of the movie scripts that earn him money, but not satisfaction.  He is visiting Paris with his fiance (played by Rachel McAdams) and her parents.  He falls in love with Paris and at the same time begins to question his love for his fiance.  One night, after deciding to walk to the hotel, he becomes lost on the Parisian streets.  As a clock strikes midnight, an old-styled car pulls up and the occupants encourage him to join them.  Where they take him is unbelievable, and what they give him is clarity about his life and love.

The cast boasts many stars including:  Kathy Bates, Adrian Brody, Mimi Kennedy and Marion Coltillard.

I love Paris, and if you do as well, you will love this movie.  The story is secondary to the beautiful portrayal of the city of lights.  I’m not a fan of Woody Allen, but enjoyed this movie and the message of the film.  The present is truly a present, a gift, to be appreciated and treasured.

  • Rotten Tomatoes gave Midnight in Paris a 93% Fresh rating.
  • Midnight in Paris was nominated for a Golden Globe as Best Movie – Comedy or Musical.  Owen Wilson and Woody Allen were also nominated.  Woody Allen won for Best Screenplay.
  • Midnight in Paris is available on DVD at Redbox.



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    Well to be honest I am not that amazed with “Midnight at Paris”. Usually Woody Allen movies maintain certain artistic level: acting, humor, avoiding cliché, music, etc. Usually Woody Allen movies are made for intelligent viewers, with intelligent viewer in mind. Unfortunately Midnight in Paris is not one of such films.

    Instead of a light, dynamic, full of irony and natural acting “smart” comedy, we get a cheesy, predictable, and oversimplified “Hollywood” style flick. All the characters are so primitive, and overemphasized, that it’s boring like hell. Snobism of one of the characters, lack of understanding between a main character and his bride , eccentricity of “great artists”, naive character of a main character, etc, etc, etc – all of it – is so exaggerated and so dull, that I could not believe, that it’s for real. I thought that maybe in the end there will be some twist, or some justification of such bad acting and such terrible script. But no, everything was for real, and a movie ended with the most predictable and boring end.

    I would never believe, it’s a Woody Allen movie. The only good thing about the film is music, but that’s definitely not enough.

    Have a lovely time!
    Alexa @

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