Movie Review: Monte Carlo, Starring Selena Gomez

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What It’s About

Grace Bennett (played by Selena Gomez) has been saving for years to take a dream trip to Paris after high school graduation.  She wants to become someone else, somewhere else.  Growing up in a small Texas town, she wants to experience more of life on a grand scale.  Her older friend, Emma (played by the beautiful Katie Cassidy), is going with her, wanting to see the City of Love and how the “other half” lives.  In an adorable way, she describes the rich as “the people with dimmer switches on their lights”.  Grace’s mother and stepfather put a wrench in her plans when they insist her new stepsister, Meg, will be going along.  Meg, (played by Leighton Meester), is recovering from her mother’s death and her father is hoping the trip will pull her out of her sadness and back into life.

When the three young women miss their tour bus in Paris, the fun begins.  Grace is mistaken for a snobbish heiress and whisked to Monte Carlo on a private jet to the Hotel de Paris where she is bathed in luxury.  The writers skillfully create an admirable reason for Grace to continue the charade by weaving in a charity obligation for the heiress that will suffer if Grace doesn’t step in.

Are these dresses not stunning?! I can't even choose a favorite, I love all three!

My Take

I loved this movie for pure summer entertainment! It was just like the old movies that I’ve watched again and again.  Grace (a nod to Grace Kelly), was the typical heroine – sweet, innocent, hopeful.  Emma was the fun and “go ahead and get in trouble” friend. Meg, supposed to be the mature one of the group, ends up falling in love and losing a multi-million dollar necklace.  It’s just cute, without being over-the-top saccharine sweet.

There was even a clip from the classic To Catch A Thief (Cary Grant, Grace Kelly)!  And there is another old movie about teenage girls that travel to Rome… the title and actors names are totally escaping me.. that this is reminiscent of.  My google search reminded me of the movie Three Coins in the Fountain, too!

Add in fantastic clothes, shoes, jewelry and make-up (conveniently, the heiress’ luggage goes to Monte Carlo with them) combined with the beautiful landscape of Monte Carlo and you also have a visual treat!  This is definitely a “girls movie”!  Add some male eye-candy, (Cory Monteith from Glee and Luke Bracey) and it’s complete.

I thought all the acting was surprisingly good – both Emma and Meg made for a strong supporting cast.  The only blip was Selena Gomez playing the second part of Cordelia, the heiress.  It was very one-dimensional and uncomfortably fake.  That said, she played the main part of Grace very well.

Monte Carlo is rated PG – but I have no idea why, it is tamer than some “G” movies I have seen.  You could sit through this with your grandma and never have a bit of embarrassment.  I don’t think there is a connection between Disney and the film, but there certainly could be – it is definitely a family film.


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    Thanks for the review! This movie looks cute & I’ll probably watch it at the dollar theater!

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    manish2010 says:

    Hey Kelly!
    I was thinking about to watch “Monte Carlo” but was feeling uncertain that weather it will be fun or not,but your valuable reviews about the movie makes up my mind to watch it right now.According to your views i can judge that it will be fun watching because i always trust your reviews and whenever i go to watch a movie in theaters after getting your opinion it worth to me.
    Thank you for sharing your valuable reviews.
    God Bless!!
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    This movie does look cute. I don’t know why, but I think Selena Gomez is adorable. And Cory Monteith, well, yeah… :) There was an interesting article on Cory in Parade Magazine last week. Thanks for the review. I was curious about this movie.
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