Movie Review – Shrek Forever After

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You wake up to the same old, same old, every day…… You start to wonder where your life is going…. Then you see a picture of the young, wild and free you… You begin to long for those days….

Well, if you’re a large green ogre, don’t, don’t, don’t sign anything! Especially if it’s presented to you by someone named Rumpelstiltskin. You foolishly agree to trade one day of your life (a day you don’t even remember) to regain your youth when you could scare villagers with the best of them. Whoooooosh! It’s as if you were never born! Your best friend acts like a donkey and can’t remember you. Your wife can’t remember your name. And the world is upside down.

There’s nothing new in the storyline, think It’s A Wonderful Life meets Damn Yankees meets Sleeping Beauty, but the writers and cast of Shrek keep you laughing and entertained. The Dreamworks animation is amazing as with all the Shrek movies. Can we ever get enough of the characters? I can’t, I love them all! Also in Shrek tradition, the music is classic and fun. The choreography (yes, it’s choreography, even if the dancers are green) is so funny, you will be, not only laughing, but laughing loud and long. (hint: the Pied Piper plays a bounty hunter). The puns are all there and funnier than ever.

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If you’re looking for a movie that you and your kids can all enjoy, go! Thumbs up!
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