Movie Review: The Back-Up Plan

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The Back-Up Plan, starring Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin is a fun and entertaining movie. The opening credits said that it is an “Escape Artists Production” and that gave me an idea of what was to come – a pleasant escape. If you have a few spare hours, this is a fun way to escape from grocery shopping, laundry, dishes and be entertained. There aren’t deep serious thoughts that will stay with you and keep you awake at night. Jennifer Lopez is beautiful and as always, a joy to watch. The costumes are good, the shoes are great! Alex O’Loughlin stands up to her star power and holds his own. You may fall in love with this guy! If you’re a huge Lopez fan, you will love this movie. If not, I would put an “x” in the “okay/like” column. There is nothing that makes it stand out from other romantic comedies.

Even though I laughed out loud more times in Back-Up Plan (and so did the rest of the audience I saw it with this morning) if you’re going out tonite with your guy, I’d recommend Date Night instead. That movie, starring Tina Fey and Steve Carell, has elements of a romantic comedy but there are chase scenes and gunfire for the guys, as well.

The Back-Up Plan Storyline: (no spoilers) Jennifer Lopez’s character, Zoe, hears her biological clock ticking. She wants to have a family with children, but hasn’t found the right guy. Step-in, artificial insemination. Leaving the doctor’s office, she meets the-guy-of-her dreams. As you can imagine, the boy meets girl is a bit complicated.

Date Night Storyline: (no spoilers) Tina Fey and Steve Carell play a married couple wondering if their lives have become too mundane. They go out for dinner to a popular Manhattan restaurant with no reservation. On an impulse, they take someone else’s (haven’t you always wanted to do that? I have!) and a case of mistaken identity pulls them into more adventure than they dreamed.

Bottom line? If you’re a die-hard Jennifer Lopez fan or hopeless romantic, go to The Back-Up Plan, you will love it. Otherwise I would stick with Date Night or even better yet, stay home and rent The Blind Side – that’s a hands-down winner.

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