Movie Review – The Expendables

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Think Rambo meets the A-Team. This movie is VERY violent.  I was reminded at one point of standing in line at a butcher shop, but in the movie, it was people who were being sliced and diced.  Granted, they were bad people, but still.  Yikes.  The sound track was pretty much grunts, punches, bones breaking, and explosions.  Remember in Rambo when one guy shoots thousands of people and ends up with some bruises and scrapes?   This is similar but he’s not alone.  There is the brotherhood/male bonding of a group of Rambo’s.

Sylvester Stallone, who is 64 years old by the way, plays a mercenary, who is examining whether, in all his years of fighting, if he has lost his soul.  He returns to a small country controlled by drug cartels to save a young woman that he “left behind” on an earlier scouting mission.  His friends stand with him and fight by his side.

Honestly, my eyes were closed for quite a bit of this movie – I’m a chicken, I admit that Eat, Love, Pray is more my style.  But, I did like it better than this year’s A-Team.  And I did recommend that Sean go to see it, with one of his like-to-see-stuff-blown-up friends.  The theater was filled with testosterone and the audience I saw it with, did enjoy the film.  So, I’ll have to say, while it’s not my type of movie, if you liked Rambo – go for it!  It’s also worth seeing on the big screen, if you are going to see it.

Grade:  C+

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