Movie Review – The Karate Kid

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I loved everything about this movie!

I loved the story. Young Dre Parker and his mother move to China, so that she can work. Dre is bullied by a group of young men who don’t like his attention to a beautiful young girl named Mei Ying.
I loved the acting. Jackie Chan (Mr. Han) was very good in his role as the broken and beaten maintenance man of the apartment building Dre and his mother live in. Dre seeks him out for help. I didn’t expect much from Jaden Smith, who plays Dre. His mom and dad (Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith) were producers, after all. I was wrong. Young Jaden was not only good, he was excellent – an absolute joy to watch. I can’t wait for his next film. China itself is an additional actor in the film and she is beautiful and talented. There is a lot of scenery and views of China, which I think is partly why the movie is so long.

I loved the music, the costumes, did I mention I loved everything about this movie?

Dre and Mr. Han learn together that life can kick you down but you can choose to pick yourself up again. I didn’t get that quote exactly right – if you see the movie, come back and comment with the right one, okay?

Two enthusiastic thumbs-up from me – I think you’ll like this one!
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