Movie Review: The Mighty Macs – Opening Oct 21st!

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Our whole family watched a pre-screening of the movie, “Mighty Macs”.  It’s the story of a women’s basketball team that didn’t have a prayer.  No wait!  That’s all they had was a prayer!  No gymnasium, no coach, ugly uniforms, moldy basketballs.  But they had a booster club of elderly nuns, using their “rec” time to cheer on the Macs!

The first thing that Immaculata College, a tiny women’s college in Philadelphia, found was a coach.  As it turns out, that was all they needed – a phenomenal coach that knew winning was more about having heart than having great players.  Cathy Rush knew that you could turn a losing team into a winning one with hard work and dreams.

Coach Cathy Rush, played by Carla Gugino, was a housewife in the early 70’s and wanted to be more.  In the 70’s women were expected to stay home and be happy, but Cathy Rush had other plans.  Carla Gugino is a very familiar face and accomplished actress.  Previous roles were in Spy Kids, Race to Witch Mountain, Entourage, Night at the Museum and more.

Coach Cathy Rush’s boss, nemesis, skeptic, and then inspiration is the Mother Superior, Mother St. John played by Academy Award winner, Ellen Burstyn.  Mother St. John has as many layers to her character as her costume, the nun’s habit does.  She seems unyielding and unsupportive but we later that she’s a “truffle” – a hard shell covering a heart of gold.  The nuns are funny, but not made-fun-of, in this movie which is something I appreciated.  

This movie is produced by Quaker Media, executive producers are Pat Croce, former President of the Philadelphia 76’ers and Vince Curran, a former basketball star.  My only criticism of the film was that there was a bit too much basketball play and I wasn’t crazy about how that was filmed.  But, that said, my husband enjoyed the film and perhaps that’s why!  I would have preferred more backstory of the players lives.

Check out the uniforms, the coach's outfit and the "booster club" - this movie will make you smile and cheer!

The messages in the movie were strong but not heavy-handed and I loved having my daughter see all the positive teamwork.  Sports movies are one of my favorite genres and it’s fun to cheer for the underdog.  The Mighty Macs will rank up there for us with Hoosiers, Rudy and Miracle on Ice.

“For every team that thought they never had a chance…”

Our family loved this movie and we recommend it highly!  Take your family, I think you’ll enjoy it!

Disclosure:  All opinions included in this post are my own, unless otherwise stated.  In accordance with FTC guidelines, I am disclosing a material connection, I watched a free pre-screening of the movie in the hopes that I would post about it.


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    Love this movie!
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