Movie Review: The Other Guys

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Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg are incredibly funny in this movie.  They manage to work in every type of comedy.  Everyone laughs at different things – and is irritated by different things.  I love “surprise” comedy, with something unexpected, outrageous, and well, funny.  I’m irritated by “bodily functions” funny, just doesn’t do it for me to hear about somebody wetting their pants.  You know what I mean.  Some people will laugh at America’s Funniest Videos crotch shots over and over, someone else will just groan.  The Other Guys will having everyone laughing at some point, and the groans?  Well they are few and far between. Yes, some of the jokes will fall flat, but still the laughter carries from scene to scene.

The story is pretty simple – two cops are the Super Stars, Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson play Danson and Highsmith.  (I saw Samuel L. Jackson on one of the talk shows and he mentioned doing a prequel about Danson and Highsmith – YES!)   The rest of the cops in their division, “The Other Guys”, do the fill-in work for those two.  They handle answering the phone, filling out the paperwork.  All the things that former accountant, Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell), is more than happy to do for them.  But then, an opportunity arises for Gamble and his partner, Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg), to crack the big case and step out of the role of “The Other Guys” and into the spotlight.  The chase begins!

The casting in this movie is perfect.  Everyone performs their role with panache – but not over the top.  Even Will Ferrell who can and frequently does go just beyond the edge, is somehow reigned in by the flat humor of Mark Wahlberg.  Eva Mendes, as Ferrell’s wife?  Perfect! Her scenes were some of the funniest for me.

This movie is pure comedy.  Not romantic comedy, not a funny action movie.  This is pure comedy, done well.

Grade:  B+


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