Movie Review: Unstoppable

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What It’s About

A run-away train is headed for Scranton, Pa. with a cargo of hazardous material.  There’s no one on board, there are no air brakes, and time is short.

My Take

First, I have to say this:  As someone who worked in the Corporate Offices of many organizations, I wish someone would make a movie where the “Corporate” guys don’t look like heartless idiots.  Okay, with that off my chest, I loved this movie!

Unstoppable was so well produced and filmed.  The three main stars, were Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, and Rosario Dawson.  The acting by all three was great, but I was most struck by the production.  We basically watched trains for an hour and a half and weren’t bored for a second of it.  The director, Tony Scott, did an excellent job of creating suspense and excitement, despite the fact that you knew it was based loosely on a true story.  (Like a Titanic movie, you know the boat sinks.)

Trivia:  In the movie, the train was #777 but in the true story that inspired the movie, it was #8888.

Grade: A


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    Wow! This sounds great. Gotta see it, too. Thanks.

  2. 2

    I was fortunate to get to sit in the theater with the two men who’s story this is depicted on last night. My friends mother went to high school with the guy. They told their version of the story and said that the producers and writers did an amazing job including alot of real facts – but joked that there was more explicits that day than in the movie. Their children, wives and families were all there too. It was really cool to experience it like that.

    I agree, great movie!

  3. 3

    Wow, how cool Melanie! That is amazing!

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    Did u post a winner for the walmart giftcard?

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    The participating blogs are all checking their moderated comments, spam folders and files to make sure that we have all the entries. We are planning to choose a winner tomorrow and I’ll post as soon as I know.

    Good luck!!

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