Music To My Ears – Unlimited Text, Talk, Web – Save Money With No Contract Mobile Plan

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Do you pay too much for mobile phone service?  Are overage charges skyrocketing your bill?  Did you sign up for a small rate, but you expanded services and now it’s out of control?  Do you have a seems-like-forever contract?

If you answered yes to one, or like me, all of those questions, you want to learn about Walmart Family Mobile from T-Mobile.  I was looking for a cheap wireless plan when I saw a twitter party hosting opportunity for Walmart’s Lowest Unlimited Plans and their best wireless deal through Family Mobile.  The more I learned about it to prepare for the party, the more I liked it.  So when I saw an opportunity to review the plan, I applied immediately.  The words “Unlimited Plans” and “No Contract” caught my attention.

How much money can I save?

How easy is it to set up?

What is the service like?

Here’s the 411 on my experience.  Yesterday, I headed over to my local Walmart and went to the phone section.  I didn’t see any signs, so I asked an employee for the T-Mobile Walmart Mobile Service.  She told me that my Walmart didn’t have it!  I needed to go to another store a bit further away.  So first off, call your Walmart to see if they have the info and / or go to and do the whole thing over the internet.  I was in a hurry, my deadline was fast approaching, so I drove to another store and bingo! found the display.

cbias-FamilyMobileSaves-Walmart-Family-Mobile-No-Contract-Display-1024x650-shopI thought the mobile plans were very well laid out at the store but there are quite a few options to consider.  From my viewpoint, the main difference between the traditional, old-fashioned contract plans and the no-contract plans is how you purchase the phone.  In the old contract plans, you don’t pay for a phone up front – it is spread over the terms of your contract.  In some ways, you are financing the purchase of the phone over the time of your contract.  But if you don’t want to do that – and I always prefer to pay for something up front – a plan with no contract will fit you.  A good reason to do this is if you already have a phone.  I learned another reason when my phone was stolen.  It was gone, but I still had a contract with my former wireless provider (hereafter referred to as FWP).  A contract that was a big monthly payment because I was, in essence, paying for that phone that was now gone.  Ouch!

I most like separating the phone cost from the usage cost because I want to see the true cost of each.  Not have them all entangled and mixed together.   You can get some great deals on phones right now, but it’s confusing when it’s rolled into a contract.  You see ads for all kinds of phones for a penny.  But you know they aren’t giving them away and must charge you somewhere!  When you go with a no contract plan, you can either use the phone you already have or if you do need a new one, you can compare true prices.

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The next decision point for me when it comes to mobile providers is quality of the service.  You can check to see “coverage maps” at each providers website.  They tell you what the coverage is for your specific address.  And as a note, if for some reason you can’t see it, change browsers.  There are differences between IE, Firefox and Chrome.  Once I checked that T-Mobile coverage was good in my area, I was ready to look at the price.

#cbias #FamilyMobileSaves #shop Walmart Family Mobile 3988

Wow.  That’s all you can say when you see the Walmart Family Mobile monthly price.  For unlimited text and talk….. are you ready?  It’s only $29.88 a month!!!  Seriously! Only $29.88.  No hidden fees, no contract, no overage charges… $29.88.  Wow.  You must have to pay a huge start-up right? Nope! $25 for the SIM Card.  That’s it.  And really, doesn’t it make sense?  Phone usage should only be $29.88 a month.  Seriously.  Do you have a child/tween/teen on your phone plan?  Two words – UNLIMITED TEXT.  Yup, unlimited.

But, you say, I want a smartphone and I want web, too.  Are you ready?  For unlimited web, you read that right, for UNLIMITED WEB, UNLIMITED TALK AND UNLIMITED TEXT?  $39.88 a month.  I know, you are saying, “Shut up!”.  But really, $39.88 a month.  U-N-L-I-M-I-T-E-D!

Right now, with my FWP-that-shall-remain-unnamed, I am paying, sit down…

My current Mobile Phone bill:

550 minutes Talk – $50

2GB of Web – $25

200 Text Messaging – $5

Total* – $80.00

* Not including taxes which vary by state.

Ouch!  That is double!  With Walmart Family Mobile, I am going to cut my mobile phone bill in HALF!  $40 a month * 12 = $480 a year!  Wow, I could do so many things with an extra $480 a month!  Sorry about all the “!” and caps, but yikes, I’m excited.  I’m a stay-at-home mom and I always think that any time I can save my family money, it’s as if I got a paycheck.  (without all the deductions *smile*)

And did you notice on my FWP-that-shall-remain-unnamed, I have limits on everything.  The one that I exceed the most is the 200 text limit.  It sounded like a lot when I signed up, but it’s surprising how quickly I use up 200.  Especially when it counts incoming texts as well.  Overage charges stink! *sigh* Wow.

Honey?  Would you call and see when our contract with FWP-that-shall-remain-unnamed expires?  Oh, and ask them how much the early cancellation penalty is!

#cbias #FamilyMobileSaves #shop Walmart Family Mobile devices

I went to Walmart and even though I already have a phone, for this review I purchased a phone.  Are you still sitting down?  Right now, at Walmart you can pick up a great smartphone at a low cost!  I got a T-Mobile Concord that is 3G and Wi-Fi Capable with 2MP Camera, Email, Texting, and Web Capability and a 3.5″ Touchscreen for only $79.88.  Wow.

Two more questions remain:  “How easy is it to set up?”  and “What is the service like?”  Stay tuned another post to come!  I’ll also include info about the Family Mobile online account management and information. *mumbling* $40 a month…  $40 a month…. $480!

You can get a great smartphone at a low cost with affordable, unlimited service without signing up for a contract.  Walmart Family Mobile.  Wow.

Walmart Family Mobile is featured in the Live SoFab Back to School Digital Magazine! I am always looking for ideas about back to school from other moms who have been there along with me.  Check out this online publication to get great ideas for back to school.

To see more pictures from my shopping trip, check out my Google + Album:  Cheap, No-Contract, Unlimited Wireless Plans.

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    I am amazed at how much we can save on a family plan at Walmart. I am switching my daughter and I over to the Walmart plan this weekend. I’ve always been nervous about switching because of brand loyalty scaring me beyond my wits. No more. I need to save this money!
    Elizabeth Towns recently posted..Keeper of the Reign Book Review & Giveaway

  2. 2

    For two phones we pay over $100 a month! YIKES! I could think of so many things I could do with the extra cash each month! Like shop the clearance racks at Sears, or remodel a room in my house!
    Mallery recently posted..Affordable Fashion Strikes Again

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    Rebecca Parsons says:

    This really is a good deal. I know its hard to switch from a regular carrier but sometimes its worth it and really this is.

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