My 5 Favorite Tips for Eating Less #NSNation

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Too much going on and I’ve lost focus on healthy eating and exercise, BUT I’m going to start again!  I’ve placed my order for Nutrisystem, stocked the fridge with fresh fruits and veggies and I’m getting ready!  These are my five favorite tips to help lose weight and get healthy by eating less.

1.  Drink an 8 oz. glass of water fifteen minutes before every meal.

It’s all about achieving that feeling of fullness without consuming too many calories.  Filling up on water instead of food.  Staying hydrated is a challenge for everyone and 24 ounces are taken care of by doing this every day.  I’m not a big fan of water, but I love carbonated water – flavored or plain – so I stocked up this week and put it in the fridge, cold and ready!

2.  Use a smaller plate.

Smaller portions are key to losing weight, but to make it less painful, use a smaller plate.  It won’t feel as small in proportion to the size of the plate.

3.  At a restaurant, share a meal with a friend.

Restaurant portions are usually large and they make cook with too many fats.  Sharing a meal with a friend will not only help you stay on your plan and it’s fun!

4.  Put the healthier choices in the front of the fridge/pantry.

I’m always in a hurry, grabbing something to eat in a rush.  Having baby carrots or celery sticks in the front of the fridge, apples and oranges in a bowl on the table helps keep you from reaching for that convenient bag of chips.

5.  Spice up your meals.

Smaller portions can pack a big taste if you use spices.  While you want to stay away from salt and sugar, there are spices that may even be healthy.  Cinnamon is supposed to be helpful for diabetic and is awesome in oatmeal or sprinkled on cooked apples.  There are lots of already-mixed spice combinations like Mrs. Dash.  Salsa and tomato sauce are low calorie healthy additions to many meals.

Disclosure: All opinions included in this post are my own, unless otherwise stated. In accordance with FTC guidelines, I am disclosing a material connection because Nutrisystem sends me free food to review in the hope that I would post about it.


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    Great tips! Along with #5, I just read in a magazine that red pepper has been shown to reduce cravings for sweet snacks :)

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