Navigating the New Walgreens #BalanceRewards Program – Big Convenience and Savings! Tips on How to Use It With an iPhone! #CBias

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I love shopping at Walgreens for bargains, the convenience of my local store, and products my family uses.  If you put in the time and match Walgreens Coupons, Manufacturer Coupons, Register Rewards?  There is gold in them hills, sister!  But, sometimes, *blush*, I have to admit that I would waste *astonished gasp* my register rewards.  But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.  If you’re not familiar with Register Rewards, they print out when you buy certain products and are good for $$ off your next purchase at Walgreens.  That’s the key… “next purchase”.  Because they have an expiration date, you have to come in for your “next purchase” by a certain date.  Sometimes, I didn’t get back to the store in time *sad face* and my register rewards expired.  Ouch!

Good news!!  Walgreens has launched a new reward program – that doesn’t have those pesky, quick expiration dates!!  It’s super easy to enroll, you earn points in various ways, the points translate to savings.  Easy-peasey!  It’s called “Balance Rewards” and because you register, it can accumulate and keep track of your savings in ways that the old Register Rewards could never do.  Walgreens is rewarding it’s most frequent and loyal customers.  YAY!

Benefits of Balance Rewards

  • Easy to Join and Easy to Use:  There are different ways to join but they all have one thing in common – it’s easy!  See below and walk through with me when I joined. Savings and points can be easily earned when members either show their Balance Rewards card, provide their telephone number or scan their mobile rewards card from the app.
  • Instant Points: Members can instantly earn and redeem points for thousands of items in store and online.  You can earn points for prescriptions where state law allows, and for purchases and activities that help you stay well, like the Walk with Walgreens program and immunizations.
  • Endless Rewards: Members choose how and when to redeem points.  We have the opportunity to earn the rewards that are the most valuable to us and our families.  And my favorite?  Points will not expire as long as I shop at Walgreens at least once every six months and redeem my points within three years.

How to Sign Up for the New Walgreens Loyalty Card – Balance Rewards

How do you sign up?  Sign me up, baby!  There are multiple ways and they are all easy.

  • From low-tech:  Go in the store and ask a sales associate.  They will walk you through it – quick and easy.
  • A little more techy?  You can go to and follow the easy steps!

  •  Have a smartphone with a QR reader and want to register in the store?  Look for the QR symbol, scan and go!
  • Love iPhone apps?  Bingo!  That’s me!  Here’s how I did it on my iPhone.  (by the way, I found a super easy way to take iPhone screenshots, which I used when I shopped – stay tuned for that!)  When you download the app, enter in your info, you will get a message that says, “Balance Rewards Membership will be active in…”  You will be sent an email to the address you provided with the subject “Welcome to Balance Rewards” that will have your number and info about the program.

(Sidetrack) How to Take a Screenshot on an iPhone

A quick aside, how to take a screenshot on your iPhone.  1. Hold down the “Home” button and 2. Press the “On/Off”.  A picture will be added to your Photo Library.  Easy!

Shopping with the Walgreens iPhone App and Balance Rewards

You are not required to have a smartphone to take advantage of the savings and rewards, but if you do, Walgreens has built in some awesome technology that makes it easy to shop.  In the store, of course….  at home, yes….  and because it’s on your phone?  ANYWHERE!!  I’m going to walk you through an easy, fun way to shop and save using the new Balance Rewards and your iPhone….  FROM ANYWHERE!  
There are a bazillion ways to use this app, I had a blast exploring it.  I encourage you to wander through all the options.
Because I’m looking for some bargains, I started with the “Weekly Ad”
I chose “This Week’s Ad”.  Then you can either view it in “List Form” or “Image View”.  The “Image View” looks just like the insert you would find in your Sunday paper or in the store.

I found the “Image View” a bit difficult to read on the phone screen.  I found myself enlarging everything (with the two finger unpinch).  But “Image View” is a good way to just “page through” the ad.  For my actual shopping, I used the “List Form” which has a great “Add to Shopping List” feature.

Woo-hoo!  I need make-up and Walgreens has it “Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off”!
From here, you have checked the ads, made a list and now you can either go to the store, or shop using the app.  I’m going to try the app.  Since I knew exactly what I wanted I used the “Search”.
I found the exact type and color that I wanted and Added to Cart!
I did the same for mascara and was ready to checkout.  I was 28 cents short for free shipping, so I added some cough drops and ready to checkout!
Order confirmation…. and done!  Two lipsticks, two mascaras, two bags of cough drops, all for under $30!  And I did it all on my phone!  This is extremely convenient!  *Happy Dancin’*
To see a screen-by-screen of my shopping trip, check out my Google + photo album, Walgreens #BalanceRewards Program and Shopping with the Mobile App #Cbias.

I will definitely use this app, and make sure to tell my friends who are working moms.  I think this is a huge time save and with free shipping for orders over $25?  Wow!  

I do have one suggestion to improve the app, if Walgreens is listening….put a “Home” button on every page, I ended up hitting “Back” a bazillion times.  But otherwise, I love it!

Learn More And Sign Up for Walgreens Balance Rewards

Disclosure of Material Connection:  All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.  I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Walgreens  #CBias #SocialFabric.


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    I love the app and find it easy to use. I love that you can view the weekly ads on it.

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    Great step by step, can’t wait to use this program regularly!

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