New #AmazonCart Makes Online Shopping Easy and Fun! #cbias

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Amazon Cart Disclosure

Do you love online shopping as much as I do?  Wherever I am, whether it’s in my family room or in the car line, if there’s something I need, I can “pick it up” saving time and money by buying it online.  Rather than drive from store to store and compare prices, I can do it on my laptop or phone.  If I’m not sure exactly what I need, I can read blog or customer reviews and get something that will be of good quality and do what I want it to do.

Many, many times I end up buying what I want from  They have great prices, and an amazing selection of products.  I’m an Amazon Prime member, so shipping is usually free (or I’ve already paid for it in my Prime fee).  Now, 2-day shipping is free, so not only do I not have to pay a shipping fee for each item but it arrives at my door very quickly.  Recently I wanted a makeup mirror and I couldn’t find blog reviews, or articles to help me find the features I needed or a reliable brand.  I even posted on my Facebook page, but didn’t hit friends that knew about this either.  To the rescue came Amazon reviews.  Some people had written pretty extensive reviews and were looking for the same features that I was.  I ended up finding the perfect mirror for me!  I’ve been using it for a few months and love it. is very easy to use, but they’ve recently added a feature for twitter users, called #AmazonCart that makes it even easier (and fun!) to shop.  It’s the first service of its kind.  If you follow your favorite author, celebrities, bloggers, or friends and they tweet about a product they love, are you like me and want to buy it?  I will see one of my favorite authors tweet that they have a new book coming out and I’ll think, “I’ll have to look for that book, next time I’m on Amazon.”  Or perhaps a musician will tweet about their new CD.  Friends will tweet about a DVD they just saw and how much they loved the movie.  I’ll think, “I need to add that to my Amazon wish list.”  Often bloggers are paid in gift cards to Amazon so I like to keep a wish list for when I’m going to get paid!  But….. more times than not, by the time I log in, I’ve forgotten the title, exactly what it was, or forgotten about it altogether.  “Hmmm, wasn’t there a book I liked and wanted to pick up?  Grrr, I wish I could remember the title!”  Yup, I’ve said that.  Well, enter #AmazonCart.

#AmazonCart #cbias Summary Graphic

Now when you see a tweet that has a link to a product on Amazon, all you have to do to add it to your Amazon Cart is reply to that tweet with the hashtag, #AmazonCart.  Seriously, that’s it.  How do they do that?  I don’t know, but I know it works, and I know it’s cool.  Watch how I did it, but I encourage you to try it yourself.  You will say, “Wow!”.  No matter how much you read about it, or learn about it, until you do it yourself, you don’t realize how easy-peasy and fun it really is.  Try it!  It’s free, it’s easy, it’s fun.  What more could you want?  Now you can shop without leaving your twitter feed.  You don’t have to hit “home”, open another app, sign in (grrr, I can never remember my password), put it in your cart, reverse all that to get back to twitter.

Wednesday night, I wanted to order something from #AmazonCart to get the screenshots to include in this post.  I’ve been wanting to try an air popcorn popper, so when I saw that @Amazon had tweeted about a Presto popper, I jumped on it.  Popcorn is one of our favorite snacks and air popped is healthier than other ways of popping.



#AmazonCart #cbias Tweet with Amazon Link


#AmazonCart #cbias Reply to tweet

#AmazonCart #cbias #shop Shopping Cart

It’s that easy!  You haven’t bought something that you tweeted #AmazonCart, but you’ve put it in your cart so you can think about and order when you’re ready.  I did two more (picked up a charger and a cookbook) and then checked out.

One of the things that I liked about using #AmazonCart was the communication.  I received a tweet and an email after using #AmazonCart.


#AmazonCart #cbias #shop Tweet History


#AmazonCart #cbias #Shop Popper

Two days later, Fed Ex showed up at my door with my Popper, cookbook, and charger!  I have a delicious treat while I write this post :)  Easy, fun!  You have to try it.  You can always delete the item from your cart, or move to a wish list.  See the tweet below?  Just click on the “Reply” arrow and reply with #AmazonCart.  It will put the popper in your cart, zap!

Happy Shopping, I’m going to go eat my popcorn!

#AmazonCart #cbias From tweet to treat

Here’s a video from Amazon to show you how to use #AmazonCart!

#AmazonCart #cbias #CollectiveBias

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