New Lotion from Dialâ„¢! NutriSkinâ„¢ with Vitamins, Minerals and BioNutrients! #Walmart #CBias

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The 2012 winter hasn't been as bad as some, but dry skin still plagues us!

Living in the Chicago area, our family knows more than we would like to know about dry skin.  My 6 year old daughter, Rosie, has sensitive skin and suffers the worst.  We are always on the look out for a great moisturizer that won’t empty our bank account.  What do you look for in a lotion?  Here is our 5 Question Test for Lotions:

  • How long does it last?
  • Is it Dermatologist tested?
  • Is it greasy?
  • What does it smell like?
  • How much does it cost?

The new Dialâ„¢ NutriSkin™ Lotion passes our 5 Question Test with flying colors!  The hydration lasts 24-48 hours, it is dermatologist tested and will not clog pores.  I used the Extra Dry Skin formula and it is not greasy.  The scent is very pleasant – cherry, almond, coconut? And the price was excellent!  Our whole family uses the same lotion as long as the fragrance isn’t overly strong or feminine.  I thought it was a cherry/almond scent, Sean thought it was a coconut scent.  Yes, we are clearly not perfume testers!  He said although the scent of the Extra Dry Skin isn’t something he would choose for a man, it certainly wouldn’t keep him from using the lotion – it is pretty gender neutral.

I was able to sample the different lotions at our local Walmart yesterday. The Extra Dry Skin was my favorite, because that's what I've got - EXTRA dry skin!

The price at my local Walmart yesterday was $3.97 for 15 ounces.  At a demo booth, there were coupons for an additional $1.00 off, making it only $2.97!  *slapping forehead* I should have picked up extra coupons!  Maybe I’ll swing by again today…  If you would like to see all the pictures of my shopping trip, there is a Google Plus Album Dialâ„¢ NutriSkinâ„¢.  Don’t you love the product demos in stores?  I learn about new products and more importantly new ways to use a product.  Love ’em!

There is a ton of competition out there. I look for value and quality!

There are several products in the Dial™ NutriSkin™ line.  The lotion comes in these formulas:

  • Dry Skin with True Aloe
  • Extra Dry Skin with Shea Butter
  • Soothing Formula with Chamomile
  • Dial for Men – Body and Hand Lotion

You have to read the names of these – they sound so luxurious and pampering, don’t they?  But the price makes them an everyday luxury!  Other Dialâ„¢ NutriSkin™ body products include:

  • White Peach & Shea Butter Body Wash
  • White Peach & Shea Butter Bar Soap
  • Revitalizing Bar Soap for Men
  • Ultra Hydrating Body Wash with Fruit Oil Microbeads – Cherry Seed Oil & Mint, Grape Seed Oil & Lemongrass, and Goji Berry & Orchid
  • Ultra Hydrating Glycerin Soap – Grape Seed Oil & Lemongrass
  • Ultra Hydrating Hand Soap with Moisturizer - Cherry Seed Oil & Mint, Grape Seed Oil & Lemongrass

I’m keeping my bottle (by the way the bottle is very attractively shaped!) right by my kitchen sink.  The front label comes off easily, if you prefer a plain look.

I'm keeping mine right by the kitchen sink to use after washing my hands/dishes. It's so counterintuitive, but water dries out your skin!

The front label comes off easily, if you prefer a plain look.

For more info about these products and to connect with Dial™ NutriSkin™:

Disclosure of Material Connection:  All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for  Collective Bias #CBias.


  1. 1

    My hubby may like this if its more gender neutral… I need to get out and buy some!!!

  2. 2

    I tried the soothing and really liked it!

  3. 3

    I like that you peeled off the label for a plain look. You know what would be fun, adding a vinyl decoration to it that you could change out for holidays. (Even stickers would work, but I am thinking decorative not kiddie.)

    You’ve given me an idea here…

  4. 4

    My hubby loves the man scent and really appreciates the fact it is not to greasy at all!

  5. 5

    We are in trouble.. I don’t remember it smelling like either of those LOL I did think it was a nice clean scent though!

  6. 6

    Thanks for the information. Have a granddaughter with sensitive skin. Will have to get some for her to try. Thanks.

  7. 7

    I plan to go back and get the men’s! I love that they have a separate line for the guys!

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