Next Food Network Star

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It looks like it’s going to be a great season of Next Food Network Star!  There is a lot of personality in that kitchen for Season 7.  There are so many things about this show that draw me in  – love the judges, Bobby Flay, Giada, Susie Fogelson, and Bob Tuschman.

The first show introduced the 15 finalists and challenged them to make a dish that described them.  On to the camera work, they filmed a promo spot at a Farmer’s Market with Alton Brown.  Alton was so funny to watch – not a bit patient with the contestants.  He did not hold back – brutal honesty.  Lots of “Really?”, “Seriously?”

The front-runners?

Orchid, won both challenges on the show. She’s going to be setting the bar high!

Whitney, is a triple threat – good cook, personality and on-air talent.

The bottom?  Almost kicked off – but interesting!

Vick “Vegas” is an Executive Chef in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, he didn’t get his food plated for the first challenge.  A collision in the kitchen means no food from him again, in the second challenge.  One of the judges actually said, “What do we choose?  Bad food or no food?”

The most fun?

Jeff, is a corporate Chef in Chicago.  He says he’s made more sandwiches than anyone in the world, making him the King of Sandwiches.  The judges didn’t agree however!  I like his sense of humor – a former comedian, he had some great one-liners.  I hope he sticks around!

The cat fight?  There are always two women who don’t get along.  This season, it’s Alicia, the blonde former model and Penny, the dark, tries-too-hard-to-be-sexy woman.  During the promo taping, Alton told Alicia that there is no crying in Food Network.  She had a mini-breakdown and he had no patience with all that!

Are you watching?  Any early picks for a winner?


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    Sandra K321 says:

    I think they’ve had better groups before. I agree that the judges seem to be favoring Orchid this week. And someone PLEASE send Penny, Ms. Stilettos in the Kitchen, over to the Jersey Shores.

  2. 3

    I agree send her anywhere else. This is about the worst group of contestants they’ve ever had imo.
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    • 4

      agreed, I can’t stand Penny either. But, I have a feeling she will be one of those awful contestants that hangs around like a bad cold.

      Whitney reminds me of another Rachel Ray. which I personally could do with a little less of.

      I like Orchid, I would watch a show of hers. I am hoping she wins

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