Now we have the nerve to want RESPECT????? You bet we do.

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Have you heard the uproar about Jennifer Mendelsohn’s article, “Honey, Don’t Bother Me, I’m Building My Brand”, in the March 12th New York Times? She attended the recent Bloggy Boot Camp conference, making friends and interviewing many of the attendees. Then turned around and wrote a snarky piece, poking fun and belittling mommy bloggers. (I personally am proud to be a mommy blogger and have no problem being labeled as such)

Two opinions:

1. Ms. Mendelsohn
2. Liz Gumbinner’s rebuttal at Mom 101: (3/13/10 post)

My opinion

I found the NY Times article to be condescending, sensationalized, and well, rubbish. Here are some of the more crass quotes:

“must have skill set for the mini-van crowd”

“real time girly bonding”

Describing one of the organizers, “she steered the proceedings with the good-natured sass of a sorority social chairwoman and the enthusiasm of a, well, summer-camp director. (She went barefoot for much of the day and said “You guys!” a lot.) “

“A handful drank mimosas out of brightly colored plastic sippy cups.”

She doesn’t address it straight-out in the article, but the accompanying illustration and the headline, “Honey, Don’t Bother Me, I’m Building My Brand” allude that mothers are ignoring the needs of their children while they blog.

Bottom line: We (mommy bloggers) are smart, funny, articulate women who have found a way to help our families – learning new ideas, saving money, earning money – and helping others through fundraising and raising awareness. We have fame, fortune, family and community.

Now we have the nerve to want RESPECT???
You bet we do.

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