Oceanhouse SmartPhone Apps for Children – Uplift, Educate, Inspire

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Bedtime… Rosie is saying her prayers…

Rosie:  God bless Mommy.  God bless Daddy.  God bless Grandma.  God bless Grandpa.  God bless my teacher.  God bless Brynn.  God bless Aunt Carol.  God bless Uncle Fred.  (insert many more)  God bless the lady in the lunchroom.  God bless the dog next door.

(okay, that’s just going too far)

Mommy:  Okay, Rosie, time to go to sleep.

Rosie:  Night, night, God!  Well, I mean, I know you don’t go to sleep God.  Wow, you must get really tired.  I hope you get a nap tomorrow.

This lovely moment was prompted by a Barenstain Bear story Maya read on my iPhone!  Mama and Papa Bear fall asleep while the list of “God Blesses” goes on and on and on.

I love, love, love the Barenstain Bear apps.  Rosie will sit for the longest time, listening and interacting with stories about the Barenstain Bear family.  You may have seen the animated show on television or read books.  Now the fun and meaningful stories are available in mobile form to upload on your iPhone.

There are three modes available for each story.  “Read to Me”, “Read It Myself”, and “Auto Play”.  The controls to turn the pages, move through the story, touch the pictures for more info are very intuitive and Rosie picked it up quickly.  In the “Read to Me” mode, the word that the reader is saying is highlighting as a teaching tool for children to follow along.  There are background sounds, for example, as Brother Bear plays basketball, you hear a ball bouncing.

Rosie has listened to/read three stories and loves them all.  She played the first one about two weeks ago, and picks it up again every few days.  It has survived the “go back” test!

Oceanhouse Media has developed these apps and more for children.  Great titles like Doctor Suess, Five Little Monkeys, Once Upon a Potty (love that one!) are just some of the offerings.  Oceanhouse Media, Inc. is a leading publisher of more than 255 apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android and NOOK Color devices.


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