Olympic Version of Red Carpet – Best and Worst of the Sochi Opening Ceremony Fashion

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My mom, daughter and I  watched the opening ceremony of the winter games in Sochi last night and had fun critiquing the outfits.  Did you have any favorites?

Our Best Dressed Award goes to the home-country Russian team.  We all want these coats!  I loved the variation of colors with everyone having the unifying and brightly colored red pants.

Sochi Olympics Russian Team Best Dressed Opening Ceremony


At the other end of the spectrum, the Worst Dressed Award goes to Germany.  If it was a human rights statement, I support it, but as fashion?  Never!  The pants hurt my eyes and the jackets are….. okay, just ugly.

Worst Dressed at Sochi Olympics

The Most Likely to Win an Ugly Sweater Award goes to *sigh*, I’m so disappointed in Team USA!  I thought we looked the most clueless, least sophisticated, most tacky…. need I go on?  I’m the loudest cheering U! S! A! and very patriotic, but when it comes to fashion we shouldn’t even be at the games, let alone winning medals.

Worst Dressed at Sochi Olympics Team USA


The Highest Expectations and Biggest Disappointment Award goes to France.  This is the country of haute couture?  Coco Chanel is finding out if she can change her citizenship post-mortem.

france at opening ceremonies sochi olympics


Best Color Combination Award is presented to Slovenia.  I loved this!  Bright, winter, fun, balanced.  It was delightful compared to France.


Lithuania and Lichtenstein tied for the What Were You Thinking Award?  Unfortunately Lichtenstein threw up on their outfits before they came out…. and Lithuania is one of those things I wish I could “unsee”.




Favorite Use of Theme Award is presented to Poland.  They got the memo about it being the winter Olympics that apparently Bermuda missed.  But we do have to give Bermuda credit for being recognizable!




What did you think?  Favorites?  Worst Dressed? 




  1. 1

    Thanks for posting the great photos since I didn’t watch it. I agree with all your thoughts. USA sweaters are ugly and I want the Russian’s coats.

  2. 2
    Betsy Barnes says:

    I enjoyed watching the opening ceremonies and pretty much agree with your observations. The Lithuania outfits were really hard to look at, noy my favorite for sure :)

  3. 3

    I love the Polish look, classy, not craving attention and totally saying WINTER OLYMPICS.

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