“On the Road Again….”

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That’s not sooo bad.” 

“Well, it could be worse.”

Not exactly what you want to say to yourself when you step on the scale, but it’s what I’ve been saying for the last few weeks.

I had been holding steady at my 20 lb. weight loss for months, then personal stresses had me eating for comfort and convenience.  That’s my downfall – eating healthy food and healthy portions takes time and concentration.  If I slip into avoiding the effort of cooking, the pounds start coming back.  And they have.

I’ve gained back 7 of my 20 and it’s time to do something about it!  My original goal was to lose 40, but I stopped at 20 when I hit a plateau.  There’s no room for slipping back.

When Rosie started school I told myself I would start exercising and have the time to concentrate on healthy eating, but it’s been over three weeks and I haven’t done either of those.

Failure?  No!  Because I’m not giving up.  I’m not giving up!  I’m NOT giving up!  What I am doing, though, is admitting I need help.  I don’t want, or need, to do this alone.

Cavalry music….. Nutrisystem to the rescue!  That’s how I lost the 20 pounds, with Nutrisystem‘s help, I can lose the 7 slip and more!  I’ve filled out my order form and I’m ready to go.  I’m excited!  I can do this!

How are you doing in your journey?  Any tips for me?  I’ll be posting every week – you can watch the pounds melt away along with me (positive thinking!).  I’d love to have company, if you are thinking of starting a weight loss journey of your own, now is the perfect time!  I’m going to weigh on Thursdays – leaves room to recover from weekend challenges – and post on Saturdays.  Start with me and post your progress in the comment section.  Whether you have help from Nutrisystem or try yourself, let’s do it together!

(If you would like Nutrisystem to help you too, go to Nutrisystem.com for more information or call 800-435-4074.)

Disclosure: All opinions included in this post are my own, unless otherwise stated. In accordance with FTC guidelines, I am disclosing a material connection because Nutrisystem sends me free food to review in the hope that I would post about it.


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    I definitely want to go on this journey with you! I am posting mine on Wednesdays and could use support too. Gaining weight is so easy, but I have faith that we can actually lose it too!
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