Oscar Party Food – Inspired By Best Picture Nominations

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I planned my menu, the full list of my Oscar Party Food Menu is in the Thursday post, but today I started cooking!

Inspired by Midnight in Paris - Cheese Tray with Camembert, Boursin, Sliced Baguette and Fruit


The Descendants, filmed in Hawaii, inspired this non-alcoholic version of a "Blue Hawaii". Blue Gatorade with a sugar rim and fresh pineapple garnish. Â A tasty version with a pretty blue-green tint is made by adding pineapple juice!

Continuing the red carpet theme, red carnations make a stunning (and affordable!) decoration. I found these at a local store for 50 cents each. I already had the vase, so this only cost $4.

The signature drink of this year's Academy Awards is a champagne cocktail, garnished with a single rose petal.

In The Artist, Jean Dujardin tries to charm his wife by some antics at the breakfast table. That scene inspired this red fruit and yogurt salad. Raspberries, watermelon and strawberries make a colorful and delicious treat.

Did you see the tough-to-watch but triumphant, scene when the horse tries to plow the turnip field in War Horse? These turnip mashed potatoes were inspired by that scene. The New York style roast beef is a nod to Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close which was set in NYC. And lastly, the croissants - Hugo's favorite grab in the train station where he was hidden.


I couldn't bring myself to make the chocolate pie, inspired by The Help, even leaving out that one ingredient. I opted instead for Baked Alaska. It doesn't get any more special than that.


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    –Ahhhh, that pie brings back some hilarious memories.

    One of my fave. parts of the book!!!


  2. 2

    What delicious treats! I want to come to your party! ;)

    I especially love your carnation vase… I recently realized my love for having fresh flowers in my bedroom, and set myself a $10/month flower budget. At first, I’d buy $10 bouquets that would last a week or so, and then be flowerless for the month. Then I found out about my store’s “almost wilting” discounts- once you pulled 1-2 flowers out of the bunch, the rest were perfect (some even lasted me 3 weeks!) I’d spend between 1 and 3 bucks a week on new blooms, and just pull out any that were kicking the bucket, updating my arrangement every weekend. That bit of floral peace saved my sanity (and I used an assortment of spray-painted empty cans from the pantry, glass soda bottles, and glass milk jugs as my vases- nothing like recycled vases!)

    Thanks for the great inspiration!

  3. 3

    I am too jealous! This looks fabulous and why did I not think of ever doing this? Perhaps next year ! Thanks

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