Peace of Mind – Online Backup of Precious Memories! $20 Code When You Sign Up!

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I’ve been a member of Carbonite for years – and over that time they have saved me many times.  And given me peace of mind.  Do you know that feeling when your computer is starting to fail?  It acts quirky and you know that the days are limited.  But all your pictures, video, files….  life, are on there!  Suddenly you feel that nervous feeling.  What if one day you try to turn it on and everything is gone?  I don’t have that feeling any more!  I know my files are safe and sound, stored by people who know more about it and have better equipment than I could ever have.

Years ago, before Carbonite, I had an external hard drive.  Pictures took up so much space on my computer, and I put all the pictures of my daughter on the external hard drive.  I tried to do a regular backup, but it took so long… I would forget…  all the excuses.  Then one  day I tried to access the hard drive and got “dun, dun, dun” an error message.  Everything was lost.  I contacted a recovery service and after some negotiation, they agreed to recover  for $600.  Ouch!  But my mom said she would pay half, we wanted those precious pictures of my daughter (age 8 mos to two).  Unfortunately, though, even the recovery service couldn’t get them back.  They are gone forever.  Then I found Carbonite and that will never happen again!

Priceless, right?

My favorite things about Carbonite:

  • Easy to set up and A-U-T-O-M-A-T-I-C!!  

I admire anyone that is disciplined enough to regularly back up their files.  But I’m thinking that has to be less than 1% of the populations.  I consider myself average on the organization-rating-scale and I sure can’t do it.  Carbonite has an easy set up and then it does the back up for you.  Always.  Every day.  You don’t have to remember!  You don’t even know it’s happening.  LOVE it!

  • Transfer of files to a new computer

When you buy a new computer, the place you buy will offer to transfer your files from your old computer to your new one.  Usually for a pretty penny.  But with Carbonite, it’s included in your annual fee (as many times as you want) and it’s easy!  You follow the simple steps under “Transfer Subscription”.  Easy and free (included in your annual fee).

  • Remote access

My laptop recently crashed and I had to send it in to be repaired.  For ten days.  You can imagine the problems that would cause for a blogger.  Or mom!  With Carbonite, no problem.  I used my husband’s desktop, logged in to Carbonite, and could access any files I wanted.  They didn’t have to be backed up/restored and use up space on his, I could just use them from Carbonite.  Sweet!

  • Peace of mind 
No matter what happens…  hurricane destroys your computer.  Fire, burglary…  I can’t even think of all the terrible things that could happen.  But I don’t have to think of them, or worry about my files being lost, because Carbonite has my back.  They have my files, well somewhere, probably multiple somewheres, that are safe from disaster.
  • Reasonable cost

What would you expect to pay for peace of mind?  Probably too much, right?  Nope!  $59 a year.  Seriously!  That’s it.  For automatic backup, remote access, transfer of files to a new computer and more – $59 a year.  That’s less than most places charge for new computer transfer.  That’s less than an external hard drive that you can forget to use or might break. Not $59 a month, $59 a YEAR.   For peace of mind!  A bargain, I know, right?

And Carbonite is having a special holiday offer (because as moms, during the holidays is when we fear losing files the most!) and you and I will both get a $20 Amazon Gift Code if you sign up with my link.  Wowza!  What a deal!  I don’t do many affiliate links, I have to really believe in something to get a benefit from you signing up, but this one is truly a no-brainer.  Carbonite is one of my “favorite things”.  Click here and sign up for Carbonite – and peace of mind!

Disclosure of Material Connection:  All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.  No compensation was received for this post.  For any reader friends who sign up for Carbonite using the link in this post, they will receive a $20 Amazon code and so will I.

photo by: paparutzi
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