Piggy Wiggies! My Daughter is in Love with Piggy Wiggies!

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Rosie, my six year old is absolutely in love with these adorable little plushies called Piggy Wiggies.  She has one attached to what she calls her “plushy bag” that she uses to carry her special lovey of the day to school.

One of the things that makes Piggy Wiggies different from your usual plush toy is that they are made from socks – soft, cute, cuddly socks.  Emma Louise, the creator of  Piggy Wiggies, combined her love of cuddly animal toys and her habit of wearing odd socks.  She made it her mission to create the cutest sock animal that anyone had ever seen and I think she’s succeeded.  Piggy Wiggies are not only soft and cuddly, they are stinkin’ cute!  They look homemade, but by someone that is talented, not me!  Their eye are made from buttons, their ears look like scrap materials from a past sewing project.  In face, Emma started out making them for friends and family, but they quickly became popular outside those circles.

In addition to having individual looks, each of the Piggys has their own unique personalities.  For example, Rosie loves LeLu.  The tag that came with LeLu told us that “she is the youngest in the family.  She is very artistic and intelligent.  She likes to socialize, so introduce her to all your friends.  LeLu needs lots of sleep and loves affection.  Make sure you look after her and keep her out of trouble…”  This is so adorable, isn’t it?

Piggy Wiggies won Plush Toy of the Year by Creative Child and are sold in FAO Schwarz, the Piggy Wiggies website, boutiques and zoos throughout the country.

I’m excited to see the Howly Owlies – new toys from Emma Lousie.  Owls are a popular topic with kids and I think there are good odds that Rosie will love them!

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I was sent a gift of Piggy Wiggies in the hope that I would post about them.  This disclosure is in accordance with FTC guidelines.

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