Popular Boat Names Describe What It’s Like To #DiscoverBoating And A Perfect Day #MC #Sponsored

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Describe your perfect day.

What if you could do anything, what would it be?

What is the day like?  What would you be doing?

Boat Wake

For me, a perfect day is in summer.  I’m guessing that for 90% of people that would be true.  A perfect day is sunny…. that gorgeous blue sky, you know what I mean.  With maybe a few puffy clouds… just a few.  There is a warm wind, not too strong, not too still.  Perfect.

AAA0161 Whale Boat at Orca Lodge Dock

What would you be doing on your perfect Would you be outdoors in the fresh air?  For me, there is nothing like a summer day on the water.  Whether it’s freshwater or saltwater, my favorite day includes swimming and boating.  And again I’m guessing that for a majority of people that’s true.  Do you love swimming, boating or fishing?

It’s the definition of summer to include the water.  Growing up in Chicago, the lakefront was always a summer place-to-be.  The day after prom was spent at the beach.  I can still here the sound of ropes hitting the masts on the sailboats in the harbor.  It’s summer.

I’m glad to be able to pass on that love of water to my daughter.  Memories are made on a boat that can’t be equaled any other way.  The feeling of freedom and appreciation of the beauty of nature is unparalleled.

The feeling of being on a boat is obvious from the names that people give their boats.  Here are some of my favorites:

Panacea 2

Tranquility Base

Professor and MaryAnn


#DiscoverBoating-Popular Boat Names-Seas the Day






#DiscoverBoating-Popular Boat Names-Endless Summer


“The Good Life”


“Dolce Vita”


#DiscoverBoating-Popular Boat Names-Happy Hours

Y Knot




“It’s About Time”

My Tyme

#DiscoverBoating-Popular Boat Names-Lazy Dayz



“Yeah, Buoy”


#DiscoverBoating-Popular Boat Names-Fantasea

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Jake Owen and his brother reel in some big ones.

Learn more about country star, Jake Owen and how boating inspires his music.

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