Powerful New Political Drama, Boss, Premieres Friday on STARZ

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A new original series, Boss, premieres this Friday on STARZ.  Tune in, set your DVR for October 21st at 10pm ET/PT.  If you are a fan of political drama, you will love this new show.  I was able to preview the first episode and can tell you it grabbed my attention from the start and didn’t let go until the credits rolled.

The story opens with Chicago mayor, Tom Kane, secretly meeting with a doctor who informs him that he has a neurological disorder that will result in a gruesome decline and death in three to five years.  Close-ups of Kelsey Grammer, portray a myriad of emotions – deep fear, anger, and sadness.  We are drawn in within the first five minutes.  This is going to be quality television – acting and writing.

The next fifty-five minutes do not disappoint.  The ruthlessness of the mayor’s power in the city is contrasted with the powerlessness when faced with his disease.  There is corruption, double-dealing, dirty politics, and illicit sex.  This is a powerful drama and the first episode gives glimpses of the struggles that will develop in future shows – and it looks to be fascinating television.

The performances of Kelsey Grammer (Mayor Tom Kane); Connie Nielsen (the mayor’s wife, Meredith Kane) and Kathleen Robertson (Kitty O’Neil, the mayor’s assistant) were especially riveting.  The City of Chicago also stars in this series.  There are great scenes all over the city from Millennium Park to some of the rougher neighborhoods.  My favorite was when Kelsey Grammer was recapping the history of the city to Ben Zajac (State Treasurer and Governor-wanna-be).  The newer buildings disappear and their predecessors appear as they circle 360 degrees.  It was very cool special effects.

If you’d like to see the trailer or entire first episode (no STARZ subscription required for this preview), follow the link below.

You can also link to Boss from the site, scandalousdirt.com.  Scandalous Dirt is your insider access to breaking conversations about the latest, but not the greatest for the parties involved, controversial stories.

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