President Obama to Visit DisneyWorld

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According to the Orlando Sentinel, President Obama will be making a quick stop at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World on Thursday.  Insiders had been noticing hints of something brewing for days as Disney was steering travelers to one of the other parks on Thursday and employees were restricted from using their passes at Magic Kingdom on Thursday.  Rumor has it, the President is going to speak with Cinderella’s castle as a backdrop.  Too bad he won’t be staying to give the Secret Service a chance to try the Dumbo ride, his schedule shows arrival in central Florida at 11:40 am and departure at 2:15 pm.  Even for VIPs, that’s too quick to see attractions at the park.

Dear Mr. President, Our family has found DisneyWorld to be the best vacation spot in the world.  We highly recommend that next time you visit, you bring the whole family and stay for at least a week!  The experiences you’ll have will create top ten memories for everyone in your family – even for a family as lucky as yours.   Kelly from Kelly’s Lucky You

Apparently, there are visa processing procedures that create barriers to international travel in countries like Brazil and China.  Obama will “unveil a strategy that will significantly help boost tourism and travel,” a White House aide said.  For example, in Brazil, people are required to have an in-person interview before being granted a visa – in one of only four offices.  This means they have to travel miles, sometimes several hundred miles, before they vacation can even be booked.  There is also talk of a program called Global Entry for “pre-approved, low-risk travelers” being made permanent.


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    I eagerly await what he has to say. Outside tourism results in the creation of a tax base by visitors, rather than the people of the United States. If we can bring in outside revenue, it will help boost the economy without having to cut programs or increase expenditures.

    Thanks for sharing this. :)

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