Pumpkins at Walt Disney World – Sept/Oct is Uniquely Fun!

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Trick-or-Treating at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is a special place any time of the year, but October is uniquely fun!  We were there in 2007, when Rosie was only two.  At first I thought two was a bit too young to appreciate the park and create memories, but some friends of ours we’re going and we decided to make the trip.  It turned out wonderfully!  Two was definitely not too young.  I don’t know how much Rosie remembers and how much is triggered by our photo album, but I have some very, very special memories.  It’s an adorable age anyway, but then put all that cuteness into the magical location of Walt Disney World?  WOW.

The weather is beautiful this time of year and perfect for enjoying the parks!  Daytime highs in the 80’s and cool in the evenings with lows in the 60’s.

The decorators at Walt Disney World incorporate Fall and Halloween decorations into the entire park.  It’s amazing and beautiful.  Here’s a picture from Main Street at Magic Kingdom.  Hundreds of carved pumpkins can be found on Main Street!

October Decorations on Main Street

If you want to create a Disney -themed carved pumpkin of your own, their are printable pumpkin carving templates at FamilyFun.com for the princesses, Disney tv characters, and classics like Winnie-the-Pooh.

Fall Starts This Week

Happy Fall!


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